Apple CEO Tim Cook tells graduating class to fight injustice in commencement address

“Apple Inc. Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook, in a rare public speech, called on new college graduates to fight for what they believe in and said his journey of self discovery led to his view that equality is a right,” Tim Higgins reports for Bloomberg.

“‘The sidelines are not where you want to live your life,’ Cook told a crowd of more than 25,000 people at George Washington University’s graduation ceremony on Sunday,” Higgins reports. “‘The world needs you in the arena. There are problems that need to be solved, injustices that need to be ended, people who are still being persecuted, diseases still in need of a cure.'”

“Since becoming CEO in 2011 as Apple co-founder Steve Jobs neared death, Cook has pushed the company into more assertive public roles. He last spoke at a graduation at his alma mater, Auburn University, in 2010,” Higgins reports. “Jobs had made his own mark with a commencement speech at Stanford University in 2005, when he urged the graduates to ‘Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Dr. Cook’s full commencement address:


  1. I agree with Tim Cook about fighting injustice and I’m going to do my part by fighting against a tyrannical government that violates the U.S. Constitution by forcing bakers, photographers, and others to service gay “weddings.”

    This is a clear violation of Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech, and Freedom of Violation, and a gross injustice – gross in more ways than one.

    1. No one should be prevented from buying a product offered for sale to the public, no matter what the circumstances.

      No one should be forced to render their creative, artistic or technical services against their will to anyone, no matter what the circumstances. (13th Amendment)

      Translation: If I have a pre-baked cake on the shelf that I offer for sale, I have to sell it to you no matter who you are or what it’s for. But if you want me to do something according to your specifications to that cake, I don’t have to do it, no matter who you are or what it’s for.

      My freedom from involuntary servitude trumps your right to command my services.

    2. I’m with you 100% bereanbob.
      Soon they’ll be wanting to marry their siblings, or their parent. There’ll be a push to allow polygamy, polyandry, etc, and then they’ll demand the right to marry their pets.
      So yeah, it’ll be mass hysteria, cats and dogs living together….
      Who cares?

      Let them have their little fantasy. Just don’t expect me to participate.

      “Let me ask you something. Does believing you’re the last sane man on the planet make you crazy? ‘Cause if it does, maybe I am.”
      Del Spooner

      Don’t let the crazies tell you what sane means.

    3. What if all the florists in part of, say, Mississippi decided they wouldn’t supply flowers to mixed-race marriages, or for that matter, African-American weddings. Would that be okay for you?

      Because it’s getting close to “I don’t have to serve blacks at my lunch counter” territory…

      How would you feel if Muslims put up signs saying “We don’t serve Christians” at their bakery. Would that be okay for you, too?

      1. Let’s first of all come to an understanding that I am in no way obligated to answer your questions. That said, I’ll do so anyway.

        1) We’re not talking about black people; We’re talking about sexual degenerates, less than half of whom want to pretend to be married, which means less than 1% of the population wants to force a new definition of marriage to the rest of society.

        2) As for your changing the subject to black people, I would be perfectly fine if a baker or photographer or any other such service did not want to associate with their wedding. It is called Freedom of Association, and whether you like it or not, it is a fundamental right guaranteed in the Bill of Rights. Compelling people against their will to do what self appointed liberal do-gooders want them to do is not Liberty.

        3) Your muslim question is moot since they should never have been allowed in a white Christian homeland in the first place. They are a backwards, barbaric, hostile and incompatible people. That said, I would actually prefer if muslims were to put a sign in the bakery windows saying “We don’t serve Christians,” as this would we a convenient for Christians to avoid these people.

    4. Exactly the same as forcing bakers, photographers and others to service inter-racial weddings. Or black weddings. Or Asian. Or Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu… Or any other type of non-white, and/or non-Christian weeding that may be offensive to the religion of that white christian photographer (or baker)….

      1. Okay then, I’ll put you down as being FOR compulsion.

        I’m sure all of the high-minded liberal trash of the world would just love to see the KKK – to make a point – force a black person to serve their events. Right?


        1. You are one stupid fuck. It’s not a compulsion to do anything. It is recognition that there is no inherent right to deny what is available to the public to a group based on gender.

          Tom Metzger wanted to do a public access TV show and I was on camera 3. I didn’t refuse to do my job because he was a lowlife scum, racist fuck. I did my job.

          You stupid, small minded shit head. Shut up and quit before you embarrass yourself more.

          1. I’m stupid? I’d be thrilled to have a one-on-one with you in a formal debate somewhere sometime. I’d have you on the ropes before the opening bell stopped echoing through the hall, and they’d have to drag you out on a stretcher and take you to a nervous breakdown recovery center.

            I shall explain again, all the while knowing that you lack the intellectual acuity and moral honesty to comprehend:

            You said that “there is no inherent right to deny what is available to the public to a group based on gender.”

            But that is merely an unsupported assertion. Liberals think that because they WANT things to be a certain way, that that in and of itself is quite good enough. And yet, it’s not.

            News flash: Despited their monumental self-regard, liberals are not the Masters of the Universe! Shocking, I know!

            Your assertion is not supported by the Bill of Rights. Ya see, buying a physical product that is available at a business is quite a bit different than compelling someone – AGAINST THEIR WILL – to actively, by their physical presence and service – PARTICIPATE in something that violates their religion, their conscience, their symbolic freedom of speech, and their will of association.

            But since you don’t understand this, then I’ll acknowledge that you’d be fine with compelling a black baker to make a three-tiered cake for the KKK with the words “Kill All the N*gg*rs!” and then have to deliver it to their anniversary celebration banquet hall, and taking the half hour or so to set it up.

            Yes, you really ARE such a fine person!

            And your Tom Metzler example is fallacious for a few reasons:

            1) How you responded was your decision, but your decision does not obligate others to mirror it.

            2) You were on Public Access TV. That’s not a private business decision. It is mandated by the government, and the 1st Amendment applies.

            You seem awfully emotional about all this – what with all your elementary school name calling and coming apart at the seams. I suspect that deep down you realize that you cannot overcome my unassailable arguments, and therefore the earth has tilted off its axis, because holding a view not pre-approved by the self-appointed liberal do-gooder class is the biggest crime in the known Universe.

            Liberals are – in their whole, gnarled being – of a tyrannical nature. They demonstrate this again and again and again. They don’t believe in the freedom of the individual. They believe in the coercion of the state. And what’s interesting about that is that they are always the first to call other people Nazis.

            See: Freud>Projection

            1. That’s right. Anyone who says something that kaplanmike doesn’t like is a troll.

              What’s the matter kaplanmike? Did you realize that I ripped you a new one in my reply to you earlier and that there’s nothing you can do about it?

              If I’m wrong, then refute me, you dumb coward.

  2. In most cases, fighting injustice will not pay well, if at all. Unless you happen to be a paid protestor.. He would have done the students he addressed far better to tell them to have a great work ethic, always be learning and be productive for the future..

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