Apple Watch apps: You haven’t seen anything, yet

“As many reviewers have noted, the Apple Watch offers a surprising amount of depth for a first-generation device,” Marco Tabini reports for Macworld. “Besides telling time, it’s very good at tracking all kinds of fitness statistics, and at motivating its wearer towards leading a more active lifestyle. It also works well with iOS’s notification system, and its integration with Siri is top-notch.”

Nike+ Running app for Apple Watch
Nike+ Running app for Apple Watch
“Unfortunately, the richness of the Apple Watch’s built-in software is not matched by third-party apps, many of which seem to suffer from a distinct lack of purpose and functionality that are bound to make us wonder whether what we have now is all we’ll ever get out of the Watch,” Tabini reports. “Given the anticipation that Apple built around its latest product, this is perhaps a little disappointing, but there are perfectly good reasons behind the status quo, and a definite possibility that things will improve very rapidly in the near future.”

“Despite its diminutive size, the Watch itself packs quite a powerful punch, and is capable of much more than Apple is allowing developers to do right now,” Tabini reports. “With Apple’s annual World Wide Developer’s Conference just a few weeks away, improvements to the Watch experience may be coming our way very soon.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Can’t happen soon enough. The Nike+ Running app, for one glaring example, is maddeningly laggy.


  1. The Watch 1.0 is similar in many ways to the iPhone 1.0 which was completely locked down to all but those who jailbroke it. Remember: the first iPhone had no app store. The first Watch has only Apple native apps- all the others are connected to apps running on the iPhone. One day (Watch 2?) Apple will open 3rd party apps to the Watch and all be well (except, of course, the battery life which will probably take a significant hit once the Watch really can run anything). It may very well have to wait for the 2nd gen Watch which will likely have a stronger processor and more RAM.

    Time will tell (pun intended). 😉

    1. On the contrary, I think we’ve seen just about everything there is to see with Apple Watch Apps.

      Even though the Motorola Xoom and the Blackberry Playbook only had one iteration, most can agree there was not much else to see, lol.

      Same goes for the Apple Watch, as its all downhill from here! This is an abjectly STUPID, innane, mundane, ill-conceived, worthless, and otherwise utterly pointless piece of technology… but oh wait… it can open my door at Motel 6.

  2. Future versions of Apple Watch are going to be amazing. From pictures, version 1 is iPhone version 1’s processor with unnecessary stuff cut out and abunch of other necessary stuff tacked on or attached, such as NFC, etc…In version 2 of Apple Watch, when all the tacked on stuff is integrated into silicon and the nanometer size gets down to what…close to 14nm?…then battery consumption and processor speed and capacity will go way up, the watch will get thinner, and efficiency will go way up. Version 2 of Apple Watch will be on the edge of incredible just from condensing everything into a smaller size. Invest, sit, and wait. Apps can only get better. Folks need to realize this takes time and transition. We forget that inside the labs, Apple Watch version 1 is history and version 2 is getting all the focus. I expect thinner, slightly curved, touchable area size slightly bigger, better battery life, more powerful, more efficient processor/capacity, and an actual third party app SDK that is up to speed.

    1. “Future version of Apple Watch are going to be amazing.”?

      Are you sure? Of course Apple improves on things they make. You seem to be advocating that people wait until a later version to purchase with a statement like that. If everyone waits until version 2, there will be no buyers for version 1 and therefore no version 2 will ever be made. The ecosystem will never be developed – no apps. No Apple Watch. Get an Apple Watch today and be a part of the development.

      Apple TV didn’t get upgrades every few months and they still work. Time marches on and waiting for something better is a fools game. Every year there will be something ‘better’ so why ever buy at all?

  3. With my wife in the hospital for several days due to a couple of serious events a couple of weeks ago, I spent a good bit of time on my iPhone. And I decided to check out the health app, specifically the one that tracked my walking. Was I surprised at how well it tracked me. On average I took about 3000+ steps a day but during that time, I was walking about 5000+ steps a day.

    And that is just the beginning. Plus a watch would be far more convenient. Health awareness alone becomes convenient. I feel like I am getting too old to learn new tricks, but leave it to Apple to make it simple.

  4. Wouldn’t you think an entry into Apple’s Reminder app on iPhone, with an alarm specified, would yield a notification on AW? “Hey Siri, remind me at 11 to do something.” Or, “Remind me to buy milk at Krogers.” A calendar event does it. But I need an AW notification for a Reminder entry. Growing pains, I guess.

    1. No you don’t. Read this comment from 9-5 Mac.
      21 hours ago at 12:25 pm
      A surprisingly great use for Siri on the Watch: setting appointments while sitting at my computer. It’s great to just wake up my watch, say “Hey Siri, create an appointment for tomorrow at 10 am John Smith”. Siri creates the appointment, the sync with my desktop computer is almost instantaneous and I’ve accomplished in just 5 seconds what took me somewhat longer to do using the Mac’s Calendar app and the keyboard.”

  5. Personally, I am waiting for Apple Watch version 2, but am not recommending people wait, just see where the puck will likely be in a year or so. I don’t really think that my opinion is going to change sales of version 1, and so far the estimated numbers look really good. I do hope people buy version 1. My wife and I waited until version 5 to buy an iPhone, so I don’t consider ourselves the norm. Based upon history, version 2 Apple Watch should be much more refined across the board than version 1. Finance a sport for 1 year, and the cost is $1 a day…less than the average Joe’s joe(coffee). Most people with jobs can afford one with small sacrifice. Personally, I still love my iPad 2 and drive my cars 12 yrs on average, so I know I will own and use a watch for at least 5 years, so therefore I will wait for a more refined Apple Watch version 2.

    1. Or you could get a Sport today for $350-$400 and sell it in a year or two for $150-$200. Then it only cost you $0.25-$0.50 a day – equivalent to the price of a pack of gum, a fraction of a bottle of Coke from the vending machine, ten minutes of parking, or one medium-sized balloon.

      1. I find those comparisons of is affordable because it is the equivalent of then list cheap items no person in their right mind would actually buy every day for the time required to make look affordable. 😛

          1. Hmm. Seems you can’t use ‘less than’ and ‘greater than’ symbols in pairs or it ‘hides’ the text.. I’ll rewrite the above using double quotes instead:

            I find those comparisons of “X” is affordable because it is the equivalent of “Y price/day” then list cheap items no person in their right mind would actually buy every day for the time required to make “X” look affordable. 😛

            1. Thank you for the clarification. As (almost) always, your Luce observations are appreciated.

              Actually, I was very curious as to what caused your original post — I was going to ask what you had been drinking!!!

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