Cook says Apple in talks with Alibaba to bring Apple Pay to China

Alibaba founder Jack Ma
Alibaba founder Jack Ma
“Apple Inc is in talks with Chinese banks and Alibaba Group Holding Ltd on launching the firm’s mobile payments system in China, Chief Executive Tim Cook told the official Xinhua news agency in an interview published on Tuesday,” Brenda Goh reports for Reuters.

“‘We very much want to get Apple Pay in China,’ Cook told Xinhua during a visit to the country. ‘I’m very bullish on Apple Pay in China,'” Goh reports. “Apple Pay, which allows consumers using Apple devices to buy goods by holding the device up to readers installed by store merchants, was launched in the United States last September and quickly began to handle more transactions than all other ‘contact less’ [sic] payment methods combined, Apple said.”

Goh reports, “Cook said he believed it could take off even faster in China.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The sooner the better. Perhaps this will spur China UnionPay along. Apple Pay availability can drive iPhone and Apple Watch sales.


  1. It’s all about incentives. Apple wants to improve the value of its ecosystem, and Apple Pay provides a convenience and improved financial security for its customers that enhances that experience. Banks like reducing their fraud risk, as do vendors using Apple Pay.

    So, it comes down to what would Alibaba get by using Apple Pay? That depends on the laws and financial risks built into the Chinese system. Hopefully, Tim has figured those incentives out for his talks with them.

  2. Apple pay in China and Alipay joint venture is all good!

    What i like to see is way more effort in bringing in merchents who support applepay here in US…
    We constantly hear about new banks jumping on board.. All good.. But there isnt enough exposure on the merchent front.
    I constsntly look for the Applepay logo everywhere i go so that i can use it.. But rarely see any merchant support it yet… Its disapointing
    I believe thats where the real push should be ..

    1. Most businesses that accept Apple Pay don’t put up the Apple Pay stickers. All Subway restaurants in the U.S. support Apple Pay, however you would have no idea since there are no Apple Pay logos anywhere, and their card reader doesn’t even look like an NFC reader (but it is.)

      1. That is a huge mistake on Apple’s side..
        They should requier merchants to put stickers up.. ( windows, nfc readers, cashier counters, gas pumps..etc)
        They should really put major effort in creating big exposure for ApplePay !

    2. The merchants don’t care even if they support it. I had to get a restaurant to get their Bank of America rep to teach them how to take Pay on their new NFC terminals. The attitude in the part of the bank rep was he didn’t mention Pay to the merchant because “he didn’t think it was that big a deal”. Crappy attitude on the part of the member bank employees as well as on the part of the owner of the 7 local restaurant chain who still didn’t put an Pay sticker on the terminal where I eat. I had to go in there with an Pay sticker I ordered free from Apple via email request to the Pay merchant services department and put the Pay sticker on the terminal myself.💥👀😱😁

      1. Wow….
        Thats good of you to do that !
        I feel we ( or those who really care) should write Tim and Phil and any relevant department at apple and put what pressure we can to bring it up to their attention!

        If im constantly looking for an Applepay merchant/ sticker .. im sure most people with iphones are too !

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