How the Apple Watch is changing my health for the better

“One of the chief reasons I’ve been so excited for the Apple Watch these past few months is the possibility of using it to properly track my movement and exercise day-to-day,” Serenity Caldwell reports for iMore.

“Four nights a week I play roller derby, a full-contact sport on quad roller skates, which has proven… difficult for most health and fitness gadgets to track,” Caldwell reports. “Steps aren’t tracked nor helpful when you’re talking about wheeling around, nor can most devices be worn without fear of them falling off or otherwise being destroyed. But two weeks in, not only is the Apple Watch giving me proper tracking data for my full-contact sport — it’s making me healthier all-around.”

“After two weeks of using it on the track, though, I’m happy to report that it works fantastically both as a coaching device and fitness tracker. The Watch is slender enough that it hides right under my wrist guard; while it’s there, the Sport Band keeps it so snug to my body that I don’t even notice it,” Caldwell reports. “I do wear a sweat band on top of it, to protect the screen from any accidental scratches, but my standard wrist guard gives it almost complete protection from being hit or shattered against other people or the ground. My teammates didn’t even realize I was wearing the Watch during practice until I pulled back my wrist guard to time an exercise.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Our Apple Watches have now survived several hours of indoor soccer, one Watch even getting blasted directly with a hard-shot indoor ball (yup, an unintentional hand ball), but surviving perfectly under just a sweatband (an additional wrist guard sounds like a great idea, too).

Two hours of constant running on soccer nights and our Workout apps were spun around multiple times!


    1. Um, no. The Apple Watch is NOT changing your health for the better. It isn’t making you do your activity more often, or with more effort.

      All it is doing is quantifying your existing behaviour.

      Not that the Apple Watch can’t aid someone to actually improve their health, but in this specific case, with what the person wrote about [at least summarized here on macnn], it isn’t.

  1. I have used my AWS for pretty much everything. I even took it rock climbing at a gym several times. I’ve whacked it against very abrasive hand-holds (ouch!!) and nary a scratch so far…. However I think purchasing a wrist band is a good idea: not good to tempt fate too many times right? 🙂

  2. I love my 🍎Watch, but I’ve been taking it to CrossFit and at the heart off the workout it was giving my a heart rate reading off 58, when I know it should be at about 160. I’ll keep trying it don’t know if I’m doing something wrong are what, anybody have any advice?

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