Apple explores silver nanowire and sapphire for touch displays, sources say

“Apple is planning to apply nano new material on touch panel[s],” Sung Hyunhee reports for The Electronic Times. “By changing ITO-based clear film with silver nano wire (AgNW) material, it plans to raise sense of touch and decrease cost. Domestic AgNW based touch-screen panel (TSP) industries are getting ready to commercialize the products as soon as possible.”

“According to business circle[s], Apple requested AgnW touch-panel sample that is verified for mass-production from LG Display, Samsung Display, Japan Display, and major display suppliers on the 10th,” Sung reports. “‘Apple recently requested AgNW touch-panel samples and some enterprises already delivered them to Apple. It will be first applied on large-screen iPad, which will be released next year.’ Many people who are in the business circle said about their predictions about AgNW.”

“Apple is examining AgNW touch-panel[s] as well as applying sapphire glass,” Sung reports. “If thin sapphire glass were to be applied onto a AgNW touch-panel, its thickness and weight will greatly decrease.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Cambrios’s CEO discusses silver nanowire transparent conductors for touch and flexible displays:

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  1. It should be noted that few years ago Apple has invented in-cell technology to get rid of touch panels as separate layer — but for now, it is only for phones. It is more costly and complicated to implement for iPad-size screens.

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