Will Apple’s iPhone 7 look like this?

“Best known for his realistic 3-D renderings of unannounced Apple products, Martin Hajek has released a collection of images for German publication ComputerBild.de depicting the ‘iPhone 7,’ mixing some plausible ideas with some big stretches,” Jeremy Horwitz reports for 9to5Mac.

“Hajek imagines that Apple will substantially reuse the iPhone 6 design, tweaking the front to use a larger screen with much smaller bezels,” Horwitz reports. “On the back, Hajek suggests that Apple could remedy the current models’ unsightly antenna bars by instead using an antenna ring that parallels the edges of the iPhone 7.”

Horwitz reports, “A dual-lens camera has also been added.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Mmm, glowing Apple logo.


  1. Its nice.. But it looks more suitable as a 6+ than a 7.

    Plus with battery life being an issue of concern, as much as the illuminated logo looks cool, I think they will not implement it.

    1. The glowing logo on Apple laptops is created from the light of the actual laptop screen. If they implement a glowing logo into the physical design of the iPhone, it would probably be from the screen’s light, shining through the back. This isn’t likely, however, because that means less space for components and battery. Although it would look pretty sweet!

  2. Considering the fact that it was not possible to find room for glowing Apple logo even in much larger device such as the new Macbook Retina, there are barely any chances for it to appear in a phone.

    1. Besides:

      1) the strips on the back on iPhone are not simply decoration, there is no way they can go as they are shown in this video;

      2) technology that would unite screens and touch ID is long away from production, it will not be available for iPhone 7 at all;

      3) Apple does not round screen’s concerns for decades already. Not even in Apple Watch they do it.

      1. 2. They have had the patent to incorporate the Touch ID into the screen for a couple of years. It was speculated a year ago that the 6’s would have this feature.

        1. Most patent never go to production, and others take years before they come to reality.

          The issue with uniting display and TouchID is that the latter has to have no less than 500 dpi and a lots of interconnects to provide the functionality.

          If you try to combine it with screen, it will seriously tamper with quality of the display’s image.

          It will require much finer manufacturing norms before this unification will be possible without making image poorer.

          1. They could increase the resolution of the screen to something like 4k and achieve around 800 ppi. This resolution will be more than adequate to work with Touch ID technology.

            1. That 4K@5.5″ itself would require 800 dpi. To accommodate another 500 dpi of interconnects in it, it would require even much finer processes.

              Besides, this would make the screens consume so much that it will not be possible to do in the nearest years at all — unless there will be a revolution in battery technology, which is not expected at all since it is in a stale mate for the last fifteen years.

      2. While in screen Touch ID isn’t likely production ready, there’s another possibility which takes care of #2 and #3:

        The Touch ID could be a cut-out of the display. The display goes around what Apple has already been using as the Home Button. Samsung has been shipping displays with cut-outs for a while now.

        This leaves both the top and the bottom of the iPhone as special use areas. The status bar could be rounded, as well as the bottom. The actual display area available for any app/video would be the rectangle that currently exists inside the display.

        The special use areas could go black or provide controls and shortcuts depending on app and user settings.

        1. I would like to see something like this though I am beginning to feel that Apple will never lose those ugly overhangs that is the one thing in my view that detracts from Apples phones look when compared to much of the opposition top phones in particular the HTC 1. Apple tech should always look the most advanced as well as generally be more advanced and those overhangs just detract from that perception.

          1. Personally, the more screen surface is nice but far less functional. The bottom bezel or edge (where the home button is) really helps the human hand to hold the phone in different ways. Yes Apple has been fighting the top and bottom balance to the phone due to their Physical round home button. Still that Home button has a planned purpose. Round to be like the tip of a finger, so the finger print can be scanned and identified. The identity of the print then is used as security and to verify purchases. This was a brilliant move for Apple. Seriously if the total area that this little button effects your taste — re-consider things when you think about what all happens there.
            And on top of all that, the empty hard ware space around the home button adds surface for us to hold the phone in other ways other than by its edges – which I don’t mind.

  3. It must of taken a lot of inventive genius to create an imaginary iPhone that looks more like a current iPhone than it looks like a dead armadillo.

  4. Glowing Apple logo and the screen seem impractical. If part of the display wrapped around the home button for real time indicators, that would be interesting. But it looks as if he thinks the button can be a part of the display, which I think it can’t.

    Everything else is believable.

    1. Yeah I saw that when if first came out. I knew that it was not an apple design because of the hinges. But I really enjoyed the creativity of the artist.

      And yes, I think all phones should have anti-gravity functionality.

    2. Sometimes those old ideas have a re-birth.
      Apple could totally do a 360 on us with the iTalk uPhone 8.

      The creative presented in the article.
      I believe Apple shall stick with a physical home button.
      For the security finger scan and Apple Pay feature.

      Suggested creative looks like a inset button cut into the display. I think it was to appear as part of the display.

      The way the curves met at the top seem sloppy. Yes I know its to accommodate the ear phone and camera however, like the microphone Apple could place those things on the upper edge. True Apple dislikes moving parts like hinges, so a hinged camera would be out of the question. However, it is possible that ONE camera that flips over to do front and back video – making both HD for any situation does seem like a sweet solution better for any angle and position of your phone. As for attachments sorry.

    3. I start to like the direction that Apple might have had.
      Why not. There is no reason other than Ives not liking hinges. the iMac has one. The iMac also has a SD slot.
      Whats the issue here?
      I do not submerge my phone or mac in water… and nor do I easily drop my things to the ground.
      A hinge can be far more elegant than what is presented.
      Ives doesn’t have Jobs now to stop him if that was the case.

  5. What value would two cameras so close together be? If there was more separation, calculations could be performed for 3D; however, so close wouldn’t seem useful. Skip the glowing logo; it’s time is past (look at new MacBook). Move the power button back to the top; alternatively, lose the volume buttons since that functionality can be achieved with onscreen sliders. I think the button through the screen is a little cheesy; a physical button is no longer needed with force touch and haptic feedback. Fingerprint recognition through screen would be a problem, but Apple have that figured out (I’m sure they are working on it if not).

    1. The design of the cameras (stacked in portrait mode), would mean that the iPhone could only take stereo photos in landscape mode. It would not work in portrait mode.

      Apple also patented a phone that had a screen on both the front and the back. If they ever implement that, then it would make sense to put a glowing logo on the side opposed the users face.

      One of Apples early iPhone patient was for a screen that had camera elements ‘between’ the the display elements of the screen. While some people thought that would mean the screen was a camera, others pointed out that the resolution wasn’t there and concluded that those cameras would only work for tracking the users fingers (in place of using a touch screen). Perhaps this idea is still viable and with the enhanced resolution of the retina screens, could be used to capture the users fingerprint anywhere on the screen.

  6. I don’t care, but this is a MASSIVE FAIL if Apple doesn’t relocate the power button to the top of the iPhone. Having it on the side directly across from the volume buttons is a HUGE pain in the ass.

    Also, I’d much rather the headphone jack be on the top too. Just because.

  7. I would definitely buy one because it keeps the same size of iPhone 6+ with more screen real estate. I don’t need the glowing Apple Logo, & give much better camera & battery life. I’m all in!

  8. First of all. If the Home button becomes a digital visual on the screen – displayed text, will better integrate with the button. Swipe to unlock is silly now, its obsolete. Apple promotes instant unlocking by finger recognition. And the circle digital button can now just glow – as to get attention from the user to place finger here.

    I very much dislike iOS8 use of the words to suggest unlocking.
    It was fun before in iOS7 that a digital slider was presented for unlocking the phone. Again that is old stuff. Lets move on. But learn form the old idea, that the slide was visually international. To have words and change languages to SLIDE to unlock is just poor UI.

    iPhone 7s
    Add a MicroSD slot. iMac has a SD slot.

    Make a flippable Camera for either front or back viewing.
    Remove all buttons on the side of iPhone, volume up and down can be digitally designed to float on the main screen. Say a two finger up and down gesture… that is if the Home button becomes virtual.

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