Top 10 reasons Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are winning over Android users

“One in three of every new iPhone sold in Europe has gone to someone who has ditched an Android smartphone to join the iOS club. This is a significant number,” Dan Worth reports for V3. “It’s lower in the UK, but not by much, at one in four.”

“The figures, from Kantar Worldpanel, have got the industry intrigued as it shows what many thought could happen once Apple released its newest, and biggest, iPhones to date – they’re stealing Android users,” Worth reports. “The bigger screens may be the obvious reason, but V3 has considered other factors that could be enticing those used to Google’s operating system and devices from the likes of Samsung, LG and Sony finally to embrace Apple and the iPhone.”

Top 10 reasons Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are winning over Android users:
10. Better synchronisation with other Apple products
9. Price for top-end phones is now about the same
8. Joining the flock; so they’re ‘not left behind’
7. Better software release schedules
6. Better support service from Apple
5. iOS given priority for app support
4. Business appeal
3. Apple Watch support
2. High-quality design (and available in gold)
1. Bigger screens are better

Each of the 10 points above discussed in depth in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: As we just wrote two days ago:

“You have to be a special kind of stupid to choose a bad forgery when the actual Mona Lisa is sitting right next to it, especially with similar price tags on both.”


    1. The A8 was designed by Apple (It’s not a “Samsung Chipset”) and based off an ARM SoC. Although it was manufactured by Samsung initially, I believe it is exclusively manufactured by TSMC now.

    2. Semantics argument: That’s a 64-bit chipset BUILT by Samsung. It is NOT DESIGNED by Samsung. Silly Samsung doesn’t even bother with ARM chip architecture (which is what Apple uses) in their own hardware. The last I heard, Samsung is crossing over between the Qualcomm chips (again not their’s) and the Intel mobile chips (again not their’s).

      IOW: Samsung builds CPUs. I’m unaware of them bothering to design them.

      1. Just give ’em more time. Samsung has copied everything else Apple has done. Apple DOES need to be smarter with its supply chain to avoid IP loss and avoid embarrassing rollout delays. Apple has the money to make vertical integration happen, which is the only secure moat to defend off imitators.

  1. Android is the poor’s people phone, but when you buy an android phone (sorry, I just can’t call them “smartphones” because they are all the contrary) that cost as much as an iphone, you are not just poor but also stupid.
    Is like buying a yugo for the price of an Aston Martin.

    1. I would vote that Android is pushed by carriers as the default phone for the clueless.

      I also know some people who are high level VPs and they just hate Apple, irrationally.

  2. Apple’s Q4 2014 profit share rocketed to 93% with Samsung down to 9% and the rest of the industry losing 2% in total.

    Maybe in 2015 Q4 or 2016 Q4 Apple will make over 100% of the industries net income.

    1. I think the top ten reasons stated need to be re-thinked.
      The ones presented are boring. Like number nine. Samsung sold its S3 for the same exact price of iPhone 4s. We are now at iPhone 6.

  3. My number one reason to use Apple over data mining privacy breaching Google and android is to Apple I am a customer NOT the product. Android is after all Googles tool to data mine the stupid sheep dumb enough to use android, not forgetting Googles Android store is filled with apps that are also made to harvest user data.

    If you value your privacy and don’t want to be Googles product, but want to be a customer of a company that values its customers then Apple is the logical choice. Be the customer NOT the product.

  4. With my personality and POV, I of course have no use for:
    8. Joining the flock; so they’re ‘not left behind’

    We hear the myth that Apple fanatics are a ‘herd’ or a ‘cult’. Not from my POV! We’re the people who want the best, or so I say.

    But is #8 a factor for many? Apparently so. Keep it in the list!

    1. It could easily be argued that the people who want the best are a coherent group, and depending on their numbers, comprise a herd; and depending on their social standing, comprise a cult. One’s own POV does not define these group attributes: they are determined at the societal level. I bring these points up only because you were so painstaking in establishing your semantic credentials.

      1. Of course. Human personalities, upbringing, environment, culture… more factors than we clearly are willing to consider in general, affect who a person will be and their POV. (I’ll stop there and avoid going lecturous).

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