Watch kids react to Apple Watch

The Fine Brothers strike again – this time with Apple Watch.

Watch how the kids react to Apple Watch.

The kids are:
Lucas, age 7
Sydney, age 7
Joseph, age 9
Niki, age 9
Samirah, age 9
Dash, age 10
Kacey, age 10
Tyler, age 10
Devyn, age 11
Jaxon, age 11
Jayka, age 12

MacDailyNews Take: Note the progression. And that’s only over a short period of time.

“This thing’s awesome!” It certainly is! Wait until you spend some real quality time with it.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


    1. At the beginning, of course. Just like pretty much everyone else. Now, if you bothered to watch the whole video before commenting, you’d “note the progression.” That is what is to see here, genius.

      1. I am glad that you see the ‘progression’ but you failed to see the amount of editing and the blogosphere echoed comments for what they are. This is an adult piece that merely echoes what the clueless pundits are saying but using children to say it.

  1. A few lies and distortions about the AppleWatch. Implying that it is essentially useless with an iPhone, as well as implying that you can’t really do anything with it you can’t already do with your iPhone.

    Plus which, the AppleWatch was not made for children, as evidenced by wrist bands that were way too large for all of them.

    The “killer app” for the AppleWatch is immediacy and tactility.

  2. Out of the mouths of babes… …a sense that while there’s lots that’s cool and appealing, the watch is not going to be the perennial megaseller that phones have been.

    Kids say the darndest things….

  3. “This is like a good idea. Whoever made this did an amazing job.” – Lucas, Age 7.

    Well said, kid. You’re smarter and more perceptive than most adult tech bloggers.

  4. That grunge kid who looks like he’s high must be one of my relatives. I want to hand him a cup of coffee. He’s super smart and has great perspective for a kid. ‘You don’t need a TV, but it’s cool to have.’ EXACTLY.

    But this group of kids is extraordinary in general! It would be a pleasure to teach them stuff. They’re attentive, opinionated, into learning, have great thought processes. NOT you average classroom in the modern era, or at least in my experience. Bravo kids!

  5. Derek Currie, the kids are mostly local to the Southern California area. But each of them is also into ‘acting’. That doesn’t mean that their reactions are not genuine… it just means that they are articulate, can speak off-the-cuff and are expressive.

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