The Apple Watch is a hot-ticket on eBay and Craigslist

“With shipping dates for new Apple Watch orders slipping to July and beyond, some owners are selling their devices in hopes of turning a quick profit,” Leander Kahney reports for Cult of Mac.

“It seems to be working,” Kahney reports. “There’s a brisk trade of Apple Watches on eBay and Craigslist, with some used devices fetching up to twice their retail value.”

“On eBay, there are about 1,000 active Apple Watch sales and 5,572 sold listings. Most of the eBay watches are selling for at least a couple of hundred dollars above retail prices, and some are attracting dozens of bidders,” Kahney reports. “Many of the completed listings are almost double the list price. One stainless steel Watch with a classic buckle, for example, sold for $1,199.99 (it costs $700 from Apple).”

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MacDailyNews Take: Anyone tempted? We’d never part with ours!


  1. I am tempted to put my Space Grey Sport with black strap up for auction and buying the same model in Stainless Steel with the money. I have to wait until up to June 1 though.

  2. I had a Steel with black sport band on order for delivery by 4/24 – 5/8, but the Gray Sport I ordered at the same time shipped first (arrived on Launch Day). I thought about not canceling the Steel one and selling it on eBay.

    But, for a couple hundred bucks and having to deal with the high potential of nutcases and potential scammers (this sort of thing really brings them out of the woodwork) on eBay, I just cancelled that order before it shipped. Not worth the hassle.

    I hope somebody got theirs a day earlier!

  3. No news here. Why bother posting this, MDN? You’re not even doing your usual attempt at stirring up controversy where there is none.

    If any other smartwatch brand was sold en masse shortly after launch on internet haberdasheries, then the vocal MDN fanboys would be falling over themselves offering insults about how horrible that company/natinoality/platform/brand name must be. There will always be scalpers, and this proves that Apple’s online-sales-only rollout didn’t accomplish a thing except disappoint people who prefer to buy “most personal device yet” products in person in an Apple retail store.

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