Apple’s Angela Ahrendts emerges as highest-paid U.S. woman with $83 million

“Angela Ahrendts, Apple Inc.’s senior vice president of retail and online stores, was the highest-paid female executive in the U.S. last year,” Madeline McMahon reports for Bloomberg.

“The former chief executive officer of London-based fashion retailer Burberry Group Plc was awarded $82.6 million in 2014, according to data compiled by Bloomberg,” McMahon reports. “Ahrendts’s pay included a sign-on bonus and a make-whole grant for awards left behind at Burberry. The pay package is currently valued at $105.5 million.”

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer (photo by Brigitte Lacombe)
Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer
(photo by Brigitte Lacombe)
“Yahoo! Inc.’s Marissa Mayer was the country’s highest-paid female CEO. The 39-year-old was awarded $59.1 million in 2014, making her No. 3 among the eight women on the Bloomberg Pay Index, a daily ranking of the top-paid U.S. executives,” McMahon reports. “Her compensation, more than 95 percent of which is comprised of stock and options, has fallen in value to $45 million, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.”

“Oracle Corp.’s Safra Catz was No. 2 on the ranking after being awarded $71.2 million in fiscal 2014 for her role as chief financial officer,” McMahon reports. “Catz was named co-CEO after the Redwood City, California-based company’s fiscal 2014 year ended.”

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MacDailyNews Take: This is a one-time only deal for Ahrendts, not an annual thing, but it was a nice little payday nonetheless.


    1. In truth, possibly a lot more money over a longer period of time and accompanied by a much larger group of male corporate executives. Bu, hey, why let the truth influence your “ungelded” viewpoint.

      At the “normal” end of the salary spectrum where most of the workers and an even larger percentage of women reside, that pay gap can have much more immediate consequences.

      1. Egads! Liberals and truth are like oil and water.

        I don’t know how to break it to you – and I hope you’re sitting down when you read this – but that pay gap nonsense has been debunked for years now and by multiple sources – many times.

        Go to the search engine of your choice and put in something like:

        Male Female pay gap debunked.

        Happy reading!

        And when you’re done, you can remove your testicles from that box the feminists put them in and reattach them. You’ll be a happier person.

        1. Good idea, bereanbob! While you are at it, search for “Elvis is alive” and you’ll find a good debunking of his “death” across lots of equally high quality sources.

          1. In others words, you’re going to toe the liberal line and not allow a serious discussion of the matter invade the hallowed ideological grounds of the self-worshiping feminists and their gelded enablers.

            Well knock me over with a feather!

    2. bereanbob – that’s pretty offensive. As a man in management at an investment bank, I can see the systemic issues holding women back every day and ignoring it or denying it is just wrong. Its 2015. Surely you are not ignorant of these issues.

      The article cites 3 women with these outsized pay packages. Apple and Oracle of course have more than three men making much more, never mind the thousands of males execs on Wall Street and in the Valley who make these kinds of sums. That’s not so for women with a very few exceptions, like those cited here.

      If men were to make 70 cents on the dollar, instead of women, your comment would be acceptable. They are not so your comment is sexist. Learn some empathy and drop the “GMFU” attitude.

      1. 1) Telling me that something is “offensive” is irrelevant. I’ve never seen a single liberal give a thought or a care about whom they offend, but they sure as heck expect others to tread very softly where their delicate sensitivities are concerned.

        2) Liberals love terms such as “systemic issues” to distract from the fact that different types of people have different strengths and weaknesses.

        3) Your personal tale of woe – which is viewed through those politically correct goggles you dutifully wear every day – does not make a case for the universality of your experience.

        4) As for it being 2015, nothing gets by you, does it.

        5) You’re the ignorant one. I’ve heard the liberal side, and as with all liberal sides, it’s largely incomplete. I go on the totality of information, not solely the nauseating nagging of the SJW crowd.

        6) So what if Apple and Oracle have men making more money. So what! Men are better at some things. You can ignore that, but I do not share in the burdens of your weakness. I realize that this conflicts with the fantasies of your ridiculous egalitarian world view, but I don’t care.

        7) I already have empathy, it’s just that my empathy lies with different people than the ones you prefer. Deal with it. You’re not the center of the universe.

        8) Any man who uses the word “sexist” and champions feminist whining is seen as wimpy, unattractive, and unmanly by hot women.

        1. LOL. SJW… so you are a gamer-gater or at least approve of their hate speech? Thought so. I take being called a Social Justice Warrior as a badge of honor. That’s exactly correct. Its an important role. Thank you for noticing!!

          One day you may learn that many women appreciate confident men that do not need to run down women or assert their own superiority to feel ok with themselves. Confident men have no issue admitting that our world is systemically sexist and we can work to fix that without any cost to our own self-worth.

          Your ad hominem attacks are amusing but I’d point out that I criticized your comments as being sexist and did not say you are sexist.(Although it does increasingly sound like you have some issues with women that you may need to work on for your own happiness, if not for that of the women in your life.)

          I’m confused as to what “tale of woe” you are referring to. I recognize the systemic issues with how women are treated because I’m a business leader that needs to bring in the type of profit that’s interesting to a major investment bank every day so I need the very best talent I can find working for me. Very frequently, that talent is female. 10 years ago the team would have been all male. These things change. We’ll all do better if the talents of 50% of the population are fully utilized and rewarded. I’m not going to respond to your denial of the problem as it is absurd to everyone except to MRA extremists.

          I’m sorry that you are so bitter about this. Women aren’t so bad. They can be pretty great, actually. Be nice to one and you might find out you don’t need to put them down to be a man.

          1. 1) I had to look up “gamergater.” Your attempt to hang someone else’s noose around my neck failed.

            2) SJW’s have ruined this world and my homeland.

            3) I don’t “run down women.” I run down the godless feminists. Your lack of discernment between the two is remarkable. And If feminists don’t want to be run down, then they should start by stopping their daily castrations of men like yourself. Every time I turn around there’s yet another parasitical group of people that hates whites, men, heterosexuals, Christians, etc., and when I or anyone stands up for themselves WE are the ones accused of hate. I am impervious to such lame tactics, and more and more people increasingly are, thank goodness.

            4) I already know in what sense you used that word “sexist” and it was stupid. You libs love your magic words (sexist, racist, homophobic, etc.) in lieu of actual argumentation.

            5) Your tale of woe is the daily horror you described of supposedly seeing women stomped under the heavy boot of the oppressive patriarchal male gender sex meanness of men and males and guys.

            6) Our world is full of “business leaders” like yourself and we’re all the worse for it.

            7) Men and women are different and do not possess the same strengths nor the same weaknesses. You have been advised.

            8) Your last paragraph is concern-troll territory. Plus which, I am merely stating my case, which you conveniently characterize the unapologetic solidity thereof as “bitter.” It’s the feminists that are bitter. Have you really not noticed that?

            9) Now you are presuming to have insight into who I am and am not “nice to.” Again, you seem intellectually incapable of discerning between women and feminists. That’s not my fault. I’m not nice to libs, because they coddle deviancy, decay, destruction and degradation and then turn around and pose as morally superior.

            1. So much frothing hatred!

              In further news from bereanbob:
              1. Them uppity darkies have nothing to complain about.
              2. Women should stay at home, like god said.
              3. And they certainly don’t need the vote.
              4. There is no such thing as rape inside marriage.
              5. There is no such thing as “disadvantaged” in this country, except for the one actually disadvantaged group — white, heterosexual, christian men.

      2. “As a man in management at an investment bank…”

        Uh-oh, Dave. You brought irrelevant points into the argument — like actually having a background that gives you first-hand experience, and then bringing in some FACTS!

    3. What a waste of fuxking money she is. She’ll be fired in 1 year when everyone realizes she knows nothing about tech and never will and how this actually doesn’t translate at all to someone able to run Apple Retail. Apple Watch: worst Apple product launch ever. Make sure you hand in your company car and equipment on your way out Angela. But you can keep the watch tough…

        1. You started your hate-filled rant with, “And with this news, the feminists and their gelded enablers will assert that if she were a man, she’d be making $100 million instead.”

          No-one here has made this assertion.
          And I haven’t seen it anywhere else.

  1. Based on a 7 day work week, 10 hours average per day, I would enjoy reading the comments of readers regarding the compensation rate $29,000 an hour for this role in the enterprise.

  2. Highly overpaid. The look in stores and buy online policy is crap in my opinion. The watch is an impulse item and having to buy online is taking the impulse away. I bet they’re losing sales because of that dumb policy. Not a fan of hers.

  3. Ummm. Well i hope it proves worthwhile .
    So far the watch launch is nothing to write home about….
    Dont get me wrong.. The watch is an awesome product.. I love mine..
    But the launch was/is littered with loose ends and inconveniences and none of the usual apple buzz and excitement!
    If that was a due to an unforeseen problem .. I can understand .. If it was a deliberate strategy.. It is/was a disaster.

    Time will tell!

    1. As always.. Please i eould love yo see the reasoning fir vote downs…
      Or this just blind fanboy reaction to critisism?
      Believe me it hard ti be a more diehard apple fan than me.., but im not a blind fool.. Cheering no matter how apple screws up.
      They get the credit when its due.(which is most of the time) and they have to be put under pressure when they screwe up !

      Now those who vioted my post down… You trully believe this was a beautifully orchestrated launch at the retail level ? … Angelas Territory!
      Bewildered i am…..

      1. Typo corrections …
        As always.. Please i would love to see the reasoning for the vote downs…
        Or this is just “blind” fanboy reaction to critisism?
        Believe me it is hard to be a more diehard apple fan than me.., but im not a blind fool.. Cheering no matter how apple screws up.
        They get the credit when its due.(which is most of the time) and they have to be put under pressure when they screw up !

        Now those who voted my post down… You truly believe this was a beautifully orchestrated launch at the retail level ? … which is 100% Angelas Territory!
        Bewildered i am…..

  4. I think you are confusing a one-off payment as compensation for lost share options when she broke contract with her last company, and ongoing annual salary.

    It’s probably a tenth of that going forward.

  5. Wow, so much flame. I just want to complement Apple, a company which was criticized for having too few women in leadership (to apple’s disadvantage, I believe). Apple needed leadership for retail, for new product lines, and for their branding. They sought the best person for the job; it was a woman. Apple now pays her more than any other woman in the US. Apple should be complemented. (And you people shooting all the flames should just get laid and chill out!)

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