First week of use reveals Apple Watch as a surprisingly delightful and useful device

“Far from being a superfluous device strictly for hard-core Apple fans, the Apple Watch is a surprisingly delightful and useful device,” Rob LeFebvre writes for Cult of Mac.

“Now that we’ve spent enough time with the latest gadget from the mothership, we’re noticing quite a few sweet little positives (and a couple negatives) about Apple Watch,” LeFebvre writes. “Bottom line: The more you use this thing, the better it is.”

“We’ve gotten next to no comments on our fancy new Apple Watches; more people commented on our massive iPhone 6 and 6 Pluses than on our smartwatches,” LeFebvre writes. “That’s a good thing, though, since it doesn’t feel like you have a gaudy tech device on your wrist. Rather, if you’re wearing a Sport like us, you’ve got a fairly normal-looking watch on display that could just as easily be a Swatch.”

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MacDailyNews Take: It depends where you are. If you walk into a Best Buy or a Fry’s with a visible Apple Watch, you will get questions. If you’re in the grocery store, you’re more likely to go unquestioned – unless you’re using it as your grocery list or to pay via Apple Pay. We can’t wait for our Black Sport Bands to arrive. These white bands constantly scream “look at me!”


  1. It’s so hard to tell if AppleWatch is doing well in sales. There seems to be quite a number of negative articles about it. Anyway, it’s good to read something positive about it and be assured Apple hasn’t wasted a lot of time and effort for nothing. That high-profile AppleWatch has been a lightning rod for disappointed tech pundits.

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