A skeptic’s Apple Watch diary: Day 7, decision time

“I outlined in my first diary piece why I decided to put an Apple Watch to the test, despite being skeptical about the value of smartwatches,” Ben Lovejoy writes for 9to5Mac. “The short version is that there’s only one way to judge a new product category, and that’s by living with it for a while.”

“I set an arbitrary test period of one week because I think that’s long enough to determine if and how I use it, and what difference it makes to my everyday life,” Lovejoy writes. “I do recognize that a week isn’t long enough for the ultimate test: will it have been consigned to a drawer two or three months down the line? But I figured you wouldn’t want to wait quite that long for my verdict.”

“Look & feel is a non-issue because I’m totally used to both now. I’m no longer conscious of having something on my wrist, and it now looks perfectly normal to me. Nothing to see here, move along,” Lovejoy writes. “Battery-life is the same. The watch has comfortably made it through a full day every single day (though bear in mind I’m using the 42mm model, with its presumably larger battery). So let’s move swiftly along to the user-interface.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We agree with many of Lovejoy’s quite valid issues and observations about Apple Watch’s minor niggles, but we fully expect Apple to address many of them in Watch OS 1.1 and beyond.

Apple Watch may just be the most thought-through and obsessed-over 1st generation product ever to be released by any company. This is an entirely new thing and the quality of design (hardware and software) at launch is a stupendous achievement. Plus, it can and will only get even better from here!

Already, we feel naked without our Apple Watches on our wrists. Already we notice people staring at their iPhones (real and pretend) everywhere and understand that Apple is going to change the world again. It’s like driving a car while everyone else is being pulled in buggies by horses. We hardly look at our iPhones compared to our pre-Apple Watch days, plus we’re saving so much time!


  1. I agree with the many niggles, AND with MDN’s take. This product, for a total V1.0 hardware and software, is pretty amazing. I have plenty of little quibbles with one thing or another, but given that this beast was released less than a week ago, and it is 100% new, it’s amazing how few complaints I have!

  2. Its done what my iPhone 6 plus did to my laptop and iPad .. Now I feel like my computer is in my pocket and my basic info and communication needs are on my wrist .. I still have my Mac Pro for my work and love it .. Just what I’ve noticed in the past week wearing the watch.

  3. I’m only finishing my third day with it and there’s definitely a learning curve involved. I wish the WATCH developers would make it easier to communicate with them because they have a lot of work to do to get their WATCH complications act together.👀💥😱⌚️😨 many of them have very poor or nonexistent feedback mechanisms. This make it very difficult for we early adopters to help them for free. I feel like they don’t care what we are going through. I can tell you for certain they do need our help. But I’m afraid they don’t know it.😖👀💥

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