An Apple Watch skeptic becomes a true believer

“Owners of the Apple Watch have educated me on some of the practical daily uses of the watch beyond just notifications. Most customers seem delighted with the Apple Watch, and it hasn’t taken long for most of them to incorporate it into their daily life,” Jim Lynch writes for CIO. “They inspired me to take a trip to my local Apple store where I tried on the Apple Watch, and then spent some time actually using the watch. Wow! I was shocked at how much better it was than I thought it would be!”

“After changing my mind, I went to the Apple site and ordered the 42mm Space Gray sport model, with the black band,” Lynch writes. “Why did I pick space gray? Well, I liked the stainless steel model too. But I prefer that the watch case fade away into the background while I use the watch (that’s also why I have a space gray iPhone 6 Plus). And the stainless steel model just didn’t do that, and neither did the silver version of the sport model.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Put on an Apple Watch, use it for a bit and you’re hooked.


    1. This is why ‘Heritage’ watches will end up displayed, or stuffed in a jewelry box or drawer, unworn, (or worn as a second watch on the other wrist) when handed down. The Watch Edition, Watch, and Watch Sport, are more functional. 🖖😀⌚️

    2. Yes, but in 10 years that watch will still do what it does very well and still have a classic look. Sadly, the Apple watch will be discarded because it won’t run software.
      I’ll be curious to see what the update cycle is for the watch.

      1. Me too but don’t write off old tech that quickly. I still have an iPhone 1st gen that works fine. All the software still works and many 3rd party apps still work great. I use it mainly as an ebook reader and backup iPod.
        Too many people think that as soon as a new model ships the old one stops working. No, it doesn’t.

      2. You don’t know that. There’s no reason to believe that this original version of the hardware won’t still be running great in ten years with only firmware updates and battery replacements every 3 years or maybe only once. The replacement batteries 3 years from now are likely to last for an additional 20 years. Long lasting quick charging battery technology is already in the R&D pipeline that will make today’s batteries seem like the horse and buggy did to early adopters of the car a hundred years ago.😃

    1. Reminds me of us early iPhone owners … I explained to a lot of people why my iPhone was better than a BlackBerry or a flip phone and what do you know, shortly there after they had iPhones!

  1. I stumbled upon the Apple Store today at the mall and got the Watch demo. That anyone, on the whole, would say something negative about the success or viability of this product is just rubbish. Seeing is believing and knowing. Anything else is just speculation and posturing. Like so many others, I was blown away at how small and unobtrusively stylish it is. And its just fun to play with. I can see the learning curve required (mostly setup of apps and notifications) but the investment in time up front will pay big convenience and usability benefits down the road. And the 38mm watch actually looked better on my svelte wrist. As usual, the naysayers are just shooting from the hip.

      1. I’d say my wrists are average sized for most guys (not big, not smallish) . . . But I ordered the 38mm version because I didn’t want anything overly large on my wrist. I haven’t worn a watch on a regular basis for a number of years so felt erring on the smaller size would be better for me. What sucks is having to wait another two to four weeks for it to arrive! Hope I made the right bet.

  2. I received my stainless Apple Watch on release day but I am sending it back for a refund.

    I am very much an apple fan and have been for a long time, currently have a 15″ macbook pro retina, iPad air, iPhone 2 and multiple appleTVs so I’ve very much bought into the eco-system.

    Don’t get me wrong the watch is impressive and a technological success, but for me it just doesn’t have a valid use case, you look like a tool talking into your watch or responding to notifications, and the majority of apps really aren’t required, being squashed up extensions of the phone apps.
    My exercise consists mainly of body weight training which it isn’t really good for, and the heart rate sensor only took an accurate reading for 10 seconds of a 20 minute workout.

    This is purely my view, and others may love it, but there may be someone else in a similar situation as me considering the purchase and this may be useful information.

    I have an Omega Speedmaster moon watch, which is more expensive, heavier and only tells the time, but I much prefer wearing it, theres no delay to reading the time and it looks much more grown up.

    1. That’s a good example that this product is not for everybody. I originally felt that way about my Pebble Watch (that will soon retire when my 42mm Space Gray Sport arrives in four weeks!). What turned me was the experience of getting a very important notification while at the gym, and being able to act on it hours before I otherwise could have done. The Pebble is functional, but the AppleWatch is fully integrated, and I cannot wait.

      1. I didn’t say the apple watch looked cheap or juvenile, and I don’t think it does, but in my opinion there’s a level of class that is carried by a classic mechanical watch that you may never achieve with a smartwatch irrelevant of how well designed it is.

        Like I said this is purely my opinion, and as the numbers and reviews show, lots of people think the opposite and are loving it.

        Maybe in a couple of generations time, or when there is a big enough leap in technology that as a stand alone product within the market it becomes a no-brainer, with none of the compromises, but for now and for my lifestyle/hobbies/interests I prefer a nice normal watch and using my phone as I always have.

        1. As you say its all opinion. I had to look up the Omega you refer to haven’t worn a watch in years and nothing has caught my eye since to make buying one worth while. To me it looks over the top and ostentacious though better than many naff gaudy competitors but just confirms my dislike of heavy metal traditional watches. If i were to buy one now it would have to be light and ‘classy minimalist’ or a smart watch that did an awful lot more and looked classy and minimalist. Cant say however that at the moment I would be in the market for the Apple Watch or the Omega though the former is closer to what might persuade me than the latter for I did buy something similar 20 years ago wore it once and never felt a need to again just seemed like overkill for very little benefit in the end.

      1. Maybe he doesn’t want to deal with the shipping costs, paying Ebay their share and making sure he gets back at least what it cost him initially. 😛

        1. Correct, I didn’t buy this to make a profit, I’d rather return to apple so someone who is currently on the waiting list can have a chance at getting one, which I feel is more deserving than those who didn’t pre-order and just paying over the odds on eBay.
          And as you say after the hassle of shipping, fees, potentially dishonest buyers I’d rather send it back, which was one click and Apple arranged a free courier to pick it up from my house!

  3. My wife and i have had Apple watches for 2 days now… And we are addicted .
    The following is our thoughts and feeling after two days of using them and still learning and discovering?..
    AppleWatch is more revolutionary than the iPhone or the iPad were. Its a paradigm shift in communication! iPhone was a gigantic evolutionary Step ….But AppleWatch is a new Way!

    This thing is more addicting than potato chips… It becomes a part of one so quick and makes him/her miss it when its taken off as if a personal part of one is missing ( we went out for couple hours without our watches and we were feeling the effect of it missing .. Itching for it… Etc.. And its only two days ) !
    …it can be personalized quite creatively …making it your own .. Partly in hardware but mostly in software settings !
    It makes iPhone be a hub in ones pocket .. And takes over the Immediate … Allowing communication in so many levels… From animated gestures to personal animated drawings to Taptic alerts and tones and communications ( i love it ) …..including and on top of the usual.. Voice call, texting, voice texting etc, the regular stuff….
    Then Add to it the activity aspect of it… Its simple , so direct and effective… Giving one so many stats and directing one towards better habits ! Creates subtle yet sublime awareness. So cool !
    …. And there is so so much more….
    All so directly attached to us and so immediate ….allowing creativity in response in many ways not experienced before.
    I think it is a genius product… And this is just the first step…. A new chapter ….
    This is exciting !
    Cheers Apple !

  4. My wife doesn’t have the same itch for the Watch as I do, and let’s face it, it is so much more useful if you have a significant other with one too. She was surprisingly receptive to going to the Apple Store for a try on, so we’ll see…

    1. You’re right, it’s called a ‘watch’ to give it a familiar frame of reference. Could have called it a ‘pager’ because of its notification function, but, you don’t wear a pager (normally) on the wrist. I would have called it a ‘wrist com.’ Does ‘wrist com’ stand for computer, or communicator? Yes! 🖖😀⌚️

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