Symantec: 1 in 5 Android apps is malware

“Android malware is on the rise,” Dan Tynan reports for Yahoo Tech.

“According to Symantec’s latest Internet Security Threat Report, ’17 percent of all Android apps (nearly one million total) were actually malware in disguise.’ In 2013, Symantec uncovered roughly 700,000 virus-laden apps,” Tynan reports. “Symantec used its Norton Mobile Insight software to crawl more than 200 Android app stores, downloading and analyzing more than 50,000 apps and app updates each day in 2014.”

“Most of the malware found by Symantec tries to steal personal data like phone numbers and contact lists, which are then sold on the Internet’s black market, says Haley,” Tynan reports. “Some may cause your phone to send text messages to premium SMS services, automatically adding charges to your monthly bill. Other apps may pelt you with ads that pop up randomly over other applications. Some apps even change your default ringtone to an advertisement, Haley says.”

“As for iOS?” Tynan reports. “Symantec found a grand total of 3 infected apps in the iTunes store in 2014. Last year it found zero.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Our Lady of Perpetual Beta’s hastily-assembled iOS knockoff is the Typhoid Mary of mobile.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “eldernorm” for the heads up.]

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    1. Like Windows versus Mac, Android gets targeted with malware because it is SO easy compared to iOS. Android is the “low-hanging-fruit” of mobile. And no one can make that stupid “security by obscurity” claim this time. 🙂

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          MDN should feel “complimented” that some “socially awkward” geek took the time to devise such a system.

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          1. I’ve been a fan of MDN for years. There’s defintely been an uptick of the number of trolls in the past month. Number one suspect due to their past behavior has to be Samsung.

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            What pathetic empty lives these people must have to spend time on sites about the company and products that they DON’T LIKE… trying (and failing) to annoy us with vacuous negativity.

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            2. if you don’t like a pro Apple stance (from an apple FAN site why do people like you come here?

              samsung watches ARE stupid watches.
              people who like them are stupid too because they are willing to take malware (see above) etc and people who supper them are stupid (like you) , your stupidity is obvious as you have the stupid idea that Apple fans on an Apple fan site should not naturally side with Apple (especially when it’s obvious the Apple advantages).


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  1. If I were Google, I would be working on shaping Chrome OS or a new OS into an Android replacement with effective malware and piracy protection. I would try to publicly deny or downplay the Android malware shitstorm to buy just enough time to finish building the SDK that actually fixes Android’s biggest issues.

  2. MDN should be more careful with the click bait. The author of that Yahoo article writes, “Symantec found a grand total of 3 infected apps in the iTunes store in 2014. Last year it found zero.” Yet the word iTunes doesn’t appear in either Symantec’s report or its appendix. And the only Mac OS X malware the report mentions comes from the Chinese third-party app store, Maiyadi.

    1. I want to know exactly what ‘malware’ in the iTunes Store stupid deceitful Symantec is talking about.

      As for the iOS apps for jail broken iOS devices, none of which was ever in the iTunes Store, all were indeed Trojan horses. In fact, nearly ALL malware these days, for any platform, is Trojan horses. On Windows, there continue to be drive-by infections via the web. There have been potential drive-by infections for Mac, but I know of none that were in-the-wild.

      I’ll also add the usual: The single WORST software any Mac user can run are the Oracle Java or Adobe Flash Internet plugins over the Internet. Both are horrific and CONSTANTLY are found to have security holes, many of which are zero day exploits that end up in-the-wild. Either NEVER install or use either, OR use a BLOCKING program for both. Thankfully, Safari does automatically block both and requests users approve their use. Safari also monitors the versions of these plugins installed and makes certain they are the most current versions available. When they are not, Safari alerts the user and INSISTS that they be updated. Thank you Apple!!!! <3 🍎💋💕

  3. A few points:

    1) “Android malware is on the rise,” Dan Tynan reports for Yahoo Tech. <- – DUH-A-DUH! We've known that for TWO YEARS! You just noticed? Good gawd!!!

    2) As for iOS? Symantec found a grand total of 3 infected apps in the iTunes store in 2014. Last year it found zero. <- – This makes NO sense. Leave it to Symantec to FUD iOS uses with bullshit.

    (A) The only actual ‘malware’ for iOS in the iTunes Store has been proof-of-concept. The end.
    (B) There have been three iOS malware for JAIL-BROKEN iOS devices. That malware was NEVER in the iTunes Store.
    (C) If there ever (EVER) was any actual working iOS malware in the iTunes Store, I want to know about it!!!
    – – -> Caveat: There was a massive SSL certificate verification flaw in a 3rd party networking library used by many iOS developers as of January. This flaw was patch a couple weeks ago and ‘should’ be closed. At one point there were reportedly 1,500 apps that used this broken library. At this point it time it is hoped that ALL of them have been patched. But testing continues to determine if that is the case. I’ll be writing about this situation at my Mac-Security blog this coming week.

    3) Google ‘says’ they are going to now more closely vet applications submitted to their Google Play Store. Whether this actually stops malware is entirely unclear. From what I can tell, they are NOT testing submitted apps for malware activity. They are simply vetting them for fitting Google’s standards for Android applications. Here’s a link about this situation:

    Google Play apps and updates are now subject to a review process

    Company has also started handing out kid- and parent-friendly age ratings for apps.

    [Note: Symantec’s FUDing of Mac users back in 2005 was the impetus that got me into studying Mac security in the first place. That’s how much I hate Symantec, the incompetent liars.]

  4. “Most of the malware found by Symantec tries to steal personal data …. which are then sold, ”

    sounds somewhat like ANDROID itself.

    Android exists to get personal data to sell to advertisers. that’s how google makes money of ‘free’ android.

      1. Ah, I remember that argument and situation. There were indeed a few apps that took too much user information then did who-knows-what with it. To call those apps ‘malware’ is possibly wrong. But what they were doing was at the very least sleazy.

        The fact is that there are a number of Mac applications that do something similar by way of planting tracking cookies on user’s Macs. I have a personal list of such offending Mac apps which I can republish here if folks are interested.

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