Apple aims to ship 26 million Apple Watches this year, source says

“Apple Inc aims to ship at least 20 million Apple Watches this year, well above many analysts’ forecasts, according to supply chain sources,” Michael Gold and J.R. Wu report for Reuters.

“Firms in the supply chain estimate Apple will ship 2 million watches per month in the current quarter, said one of the sources. Another source said Apple is planning to ship 26 million watches this year,” Gold and Wu report. “The sources declined to be named due to confidentiality agreements with Apple.”

“Analyst forecasts of Apple Watch sales for this year vary from 10 million to 26 million,” Gold and Wu report. “The relative novelty and complexity of the watch has led to production problems up and down the supply chain, the sources said, without elaborating on the specific issues.”

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MacDailyNews Take: 10 million seems absurdly low.


  1. Do most of you think Apple can sell more than 10 million AppleWatches? I honestly can’t tell where demand might come from. I would think the limited battery life might turn potential buyers away. However, I do remember having relatively short battery life with my early Walkman’s and that didn’t stop me from owning one. I’ll rely on Apple knowing what consumers like and go with that, but I haven’t heard Apple give out any potential sales numbers for AppleWatch as of yet.

  2. Well they gotta be able to make them first. If they are having a hard time meeting the 2 million demand now, it will be hard for them to hit that target.

    Apple really botched this release. First all watches should have the default BLACK BAND, with free option to pick out a second color sports band whenever. Secondly Apple should have only sold this new product category in America, especially after the huge demand before release as reported by many third parties. Thirdly they need supply on launch day in the stores. If you missed your 3 minute window on the pre-orders online, than you should have the ability to take your chances and get it on launch day in store.

    All around a major blunder on Apple’s part.

    I am all about Apple, but they need to be called out when they mess up like this. I am fortunate enough to be getting my watch today, not that I was first or anything, but I just so happened to ordered the less popular white sports band version vs. a black one.

    1. “First all watches should have the default BLACK BAND”

      So you would have manufactured a million, 2 million, 3 million… of EACH of the 12 configurations for launch day?

      And just how far BACK in the line would you have tolerated considering that most of the people in front of you are going to take at LEAST 10 to 20 minutes to make a decision of which model to try on and buy?

      And you are all about Apple?

      I’ll bet you mother still reminding and waiting for you to take out the garbage. Every week. Week after week. While Apple is processing your job application.

    1. Is it a coincidence that the Android logo peeing on an Apple logo was made public today? Many claim that it was a third party map maker, etc. etc. and Google apologized, but it made main stream news. Sounds like a professional (as in Google) troll attack to me. The Android camp has appealed to people that dislike Apple and the Apple culture many times in the past with hate marketing. I guess they needed to thwart the Apple Watch meme today, and because they can’t compete on the watch they decided to pull the hate card.

  3. The number Apple sells in 2015 will equal the maximum number Apple is able to produce. If that number is ONLY 26 million, there will be a waiting list throughout 2015.

    And production “goals” that supposedly come from Apple are likely based on Apple’s internal estimates BEFORE April 10. I’m sure Apple has contingency plans to increase production rate beyond those estimates.

    1. I think it’s definitely less since you have to consider subtracting defects and damage replaced units from the produced total as well as any in inventory or in transit to the distribution center at the end of the year (we’ll consider those in transit to buyers as sold). I highly doubt there will be a perfect run on 1:1 sell=produced.

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