Morgan Stanley predicts strong Apple iPhone sales due to consumer upgrade intentions

“It’s not just new services and products like the watch that are leading analysts at Morgan Stanley to remain bullish on Apple, it’s the rate at which people upgrade their iPhones as well,” Julie Verhage reports for Bloomberg. “”

“The firm calls for a number of catalysts in the coming months that will send shares of Apple higher, including the Apple Watch as well as music and TV among others,” Verhage reports. “They reiterated their rating and held their price forecast at $160 a share.”

“Huberty also says that iPhone demand remains strong and she anticipates continued upgrades will keep demand solid 2016,” Verhage reports. “One of the key drivers for continued iPhone purchases, according to Morgan Stanley, is the rate at which Apple users upgrade their phones. Almost three out of every four iPhone users are planning to upgrade within the next two years, while for non-Apple users it’s two-in-four.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Those who subject themselves to pretend iPhones are masochists.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Bill” for the heads up.]

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  1. I don’t use my upgrade because Verizonwireless will drop my Unlimited Data Plan so I pay full price for my iPhone. If the next iPhone or Apple Phone has a better Camera, I will buy a new one to replace my 6+ I have now. Apple is going to have to convince me that taptic display on iPhone is necessary for me. But others might like it, I just don’t play games on my iPhone.

  2. Don’t get carried away with Huberty’s predictions. Even if she’s right it’s not going to boost Apple’s share price to any degree. A 2% share price gain from a good quarter would seem quite likely. If Apple moves past $133, I’ll gladly take it. The focus on consistent iPad sales losses won’t be pleasant at all for shareholders.

    1. I haven’t heard any “expert” talk about iPads this earnings. Many realize that the iPhone 6 Plus and Macs are replacing some iPads. I think the main points of interest will be iPhone sales, buyback increases, forward guidance and Apple Watch.

    2. iPads…

      some kind of haptic or force touch display might boost sales a bit. I always said if iPads were pressure sensitive you could do so much more with them. (I’m typing this looking at a Cintiq pressure display).

      but big iPhones cannibalizing iPad isn’t too bad, money is still going into Apple.
      but you’r right that analysts keep focusing on the negatives.

      It’s still going to be a blockbuster year though.

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