Eight stores worldwide will be selling Apple Watch on Friday

“A high-end fashion boutique in West Hollywood will be one of a handful of retailers worldwide to sell the Apple Watch in store Friday,” Samantha Masunaga reports for The Los Angeles Times.

“Maxfield, along with boutiques in Paris, London, Tokyo and Berlin, is one of the only places where customers can walk out with a watch on Friday,” Masunaga reports.

Full, brief article here.

MacDailyNews Note: The eight stores are:
• The Corner in Berlin
• Dover Street Market in London
• Selfridges in London
• Maxfield in Los Angeles
• Colette in Paris
• Galeries Lafayette in Paris
• Dover Street Market in Tokyo
• Isetan in Tokyo


  1. Makes me wonder…

    Was this part of the original plan (I suspect yes), or did they overestimate demand for the Edition at presale, so these just happen to be available (I suspect not)?

    1. I find it refreshing that no stores in NYC or the Bay Area, but LA got one! Mostly because the Bay Area is filled with anti-LA snobs, and that there is an overwhelming east coast bias in this country, mostly centered on NYC, and they all think the world revolves around them. Los Angeles represents the USA in Apple Watch land, baby!

    1. The health insurance industry is beginning to offer businesses discounts when employees receive a certain amount of daily exercise. A smart watch like an Apple Watch can track various activities like standing, walking, running, etc. Most companies will require their employees wear a smart watch or similar device. Additionally, within a few years smart watches will be able to detect many health related issues like cancer. And one day these devices might be able to deliver specific frequencies that repair damaged DNA. This will save lives and significantly reduce the cost of health care.

      There are currently 7.3 billion people on this planet and around 2 billion have smart phones. It is conceivable that every man, woman and child will eventually wear a smart watch, smart band or similar device.

  2. Artificial scarcity, not something I ever thought Apple would impose.

    They can dress it up and call it a new way to roll out a “special” product, but this makes me think less of Apple.

    As a Californian, this reminds me of the times Enron ran up power prices here by creating scarcities of electricity. In their case, though, it was criminal.

    1. It means the Apple Watch production ramp up is proceeding smoothly. The original delivery estimate was conservative, based on a sub-optimal scenario with early production issues coming up.

      Another sign is that special program for developers, to get an Apple Watch more quickly to allow testing their apps. If production rate was not increasing smoothly, Apple would not have announced that program.

      It think the speculation that Apple only had a (relatively) small stockpile on April 10 and THEN increased production to fulfill ACTUAL (pre) orders is correct. Apple had a stockpile of “watch parts” and bands ready to go, and is now completing assembly and packaging to precisely meet actual demand. Almost every Apple Watch produced is “pre-sold” before it leaves the factory.

      1. Always better to under promise and surprise the customer with an earlier delivery.
        I still remember the days of long back orders for Apple Macs. The G4 cube was one and the first Al PowerBook was another. It was months before the orders arrived.
        People bitch about supply issues but this is nothing to what is was 12-15 years ago. And in those days Apple sold far less units.

        1. People bitched about the delays in completing the Roman aqueducts. You know what, I think people just plain enjoy bitching, it’s something we all learned at two and never got over.

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