The Apple Watch already has dozens of quality apps

“I spent a few extra seconds in the middle of the night on April 10 trying decide which size Apple Watch Sport I wanted,” Kevin Tofel reports for ZDNet. “That cost me. Even though my order was placed within seven minutes of the pre-order start, I won’t get my Apple Watch for testing until mid-May. But I do have a bunch of apps for it already.”

MacDailyNews Take: You don’t spend golden preorder seconds deciding anything! You favorite exactly what you want weeks in advance and, if you’re crazy like us foxes, you have an array of iPhones and iPads with the Apple Store loaded up and ready to go the moment the starting gun goes off. Although we have Macs ready to go as well, they are backups only. We’ve found that the app has been active faster and more reliable overall than Apple Online Store in a browser. That’s why all of our Apple Watch orders are currently prepared for shipment with 4/24 starting shipment dates.

“If you’re an iPhone or iPad owner, you’ve probably seen the same: A steady, if not rising, flow of new app updates on a daily basis,” Tofel reports. “Guess what many of them have in common? Apple Watch support.”

“Suffice it to say, when the first Apple Watches arrive in buyer’s hands this coming Friday, there will be more top-tier apps than when Google’s Android Wear devices first launched last summer,” Tofel reports. “Indeed, I checked the Google Play Store this morning to see if these same developers that have quickly prepared for the Apple Watch have an Android Wear version of their mobile software. Many, if not most, don’t.”

Much more, including a list of the updated apps that already are or will be available on the first day of Apple Watch availability, here.

MacDailyNews Take: The also-rans and wannabes simply cannot compete with Apple’s vibrant, unmatched and rapidly-growing ecosystem.

There you go, an article that doesn’t mention Beyoncé… Damn, three in a row! Must be Apple Watch launch week!


  1. also a few more;
    Lose it
    Keynote (Remote)
    Modern Combat 5
    TV Guide Mobile
    Deliveries (a favorite)
    American Airlines

    and I’m sure many more I’ve missed

    1. I believe the current batch of watch apps are merely extensions of their iPhone apps, pushing content over the Bluetooth LTE link as requested.

      There is some small amount of code on the watch to select the functionality of the iPhone app, but all the work is being done on the iPhone.

  2. The forum comments of the source article are a hoot. The Android Wear fans are frothing at the mouth over Apple’s preorder sales compared to total Android Wear shipments over the past year. A fun read…

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