Apple now preparing early Apple Watch preorders for shipment

Apple has begun updating the status of early Apple Watch preorders from “Processing” to “Preparing for Shipment” while charging customers credit and debit cards.

Our orders, along with MacDailyNews readers’ orders, are reporting that their credit card accounts having their Apple Watch orders deducted and are now seeing changes in their order status on Apple’s My Account webpage.

For example, here is one of our current Apple Watch preorders, which on Monday was changed to “Preparing for Shipment” from “Processing.”

Apple Store begins preparing early Apple Watch preorders for shipment.
Apple Store begins preparing early Apple Watch preorders for shipment.


MacDailyNews Take: Tick, tock!


  1. That’s good news. Most postings have shown Sport models shipping. Anyone seen evidence that the stainless Apple Watches are prepping for shipment. I ordered mine at 12:04 AM and have my fingers crossed I got my order in time to get my watch on 4/24. As of now, no evidence of that.

  2. My stainless steel that was ordered at 12:07 is showing prepping for shipping. My card was hit yesterday. My problem is that Friday I am working and have several meetings right to the end of the day and I can’t sneak out early. Hmmmmph.

  3. stainless steel WATCH – black sport band – ordered at 3:02am from iPad APP, got confirmation email at 3:03am from Apple with 4/24-5/8 delivery window.

    Still says “processing”, credit card not yet charged.

  4. Don’t panic yet if your WATCH hasn’t shipped. It seems to me that Apple sends out notifications based on how far from the distribution center you are. My iPhone 6+ in September was shipped out of Memphis TN to SE Michigan – that is 2 days transit via FedEx Ground. I just checked email on Time Machine and I received my shipping notification on Wed 9/17 for delivery on Friday 9/19. I also verified that Apple charged my card on 9/17 as well. It depends how far from the distribution center you are, when you’ll see your order status change. Instead of everyone posting what they ordered and when … maybe post what you ordered, and how far from a distribution center you are …

    1. Ordered 38mm sport/silver and 42mm sport/black when finally went live at 10 minutes past the hour.

      38mm is preparing for shipment, 42 mm is due May 13-27.

      We live in Memphis, and have both worked for FedEx. No apparent advantage there.. Dang!

  5. Black Sport 42mm w/black band ordered at 12:05am still “processing” with May 13-27 timeframe.

    I think Apple mistakenly thought the silver aluminum sport would be more popular than the black.

        1. I’ve noticed when I pre-ordered iPhones in the past – sometimes I would get the “shipped” notification, then the tracking info wouldn’t go live on UPS or FedEx for a few days, and it would freak me out. Then when it would finally update, it was showing it had shipped out of China or Alaska a few days before, then when it landed in the 48 States it would update tracking. And those were on iPhones that were reported as having production problems or low inventory. It was like Apple cranked out as many as possible in the few weeks after pre-orders started, and they were shipping them directly from the factories.

          In other years, like this year’s iPhone 6+ pre-order, I would get a ship notification 2 days before launch day, and the next morning it would show that it shipped out of Memphis TN, and the tracking info was live right away.

          My guess here is – they’re shipping Sport Watches from the factories in China, or from a distribution center in Alaska. The stainless steel Watches will start shipping out of distribution centers in the lower 48 tomorrow. Just my guess though, based on several years of watching my iPhone and iPad pre-orders, I don’t know anything “official”.

  6. I was still holding out hope that my 42MM space grey ordered do at 12:08 AM would magically get bumped up from the current “ships in 4-6 weeks” estimate.

  7. Ordered two Milanese, a 38mm and a 42mm in separate orders. The 38mm got confirmed at 3:03am ET, and the 42mm got confirmed 2 mins later. The 38mm was charged to my credit card at 4:00pm ET today. The 42mm is still processing.

    1. Exactly the same here. Looks like processing includes building the final product as the appropriate parts become available. Got the watch but not the band… the band but not the watch… Finally got the watch and band bin is empty again. And, so there goes the perfect algorithm at order time. That’s the value of a using broader that usual promise dates.

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