Apple releases OS X Yosemite 10.10.3 Supplemental Update 1.0

Apple today released OS X Yosemite 10.10.3 Supplemental Update which fixes a video driver issue that may prevent your Mac from starting up when running certain apps that capture video.

OS X Yosemite 10.10.3 Supplemental Update 1.0 weighs in at 1.8 MB and is available via Software Update and also as a standalone installer.

More info and download link here.


  1. Good but not sure I like these “Supplemental” updates. When doing support over the phone with a non-computer user, it is very easy to get them to bring up the “About this Mac” window and have them read what version.

    No way to tell from that version line if this is installed.

    I then have to walk them thru click More Info, click System Report, look down the left side for software, then indented in that look for Installations, click on that.
    Then on the right side click on the header called Software Name, then scroll to the “O”s and look for OS X v10.10.3 Supplemental Update.
    Not a simple task leading a newbe over the phone.

    1. Agreed.

      Perhaps Apple should name it or 10.3.4

      I’m sure nobody is going to care if the 10.3.3 only lasted a week, but it is extremely important to know your OS version when troubleshooting is involved.

    2. You do know that if you click on “Version 10.10.3” in the “About this Mac” window, it adds the number version between brackets, right? So your non-computer user will tell you that he/she has “version 10.10.3 (14D136)”, that corresponds to the supplemental update. No fumbling around the System Report 🙂

  2. I have a mid-2007 iMac. After I installed this update, I’m noticing that apps and the operating system aren’t using nearly as much memory as previously. I’m not understanding why a video driver update would do this, but I’m not complaining, either. 🙂

  3. Since installing the update, my trackpad no longer responds to multi-finger inputs. Can’t scroll, change pages. Detected and reselected the pad. Replaced the batteries. Nothing seems to help.

    1. Oh dear. Thanks Dave! I’ll avoid installing the supplement until more is known about this situation. I use the Magic Trackpad on my server and don’t want to do without it.

      This could potentially be a Bluetooth driver botch. I’d try booting to the recovery partition and reinstalling 10.10.3 to see if this bug goes away.

    2. assuming your trackpad is the external, bluetooth one, I too use a bluetooth device but it’s non-apple and it works fine. But i too experienced similar gesture problems even before update my solution is

      1. Relaunch finder. The system need to re-recognize the device.
      2. reboot machine

    3. I have the external bluetooth magic trackpad. Just installed the 10.10.3 Supplemental update, rebooted, and the trackpad functions normally; no problems with multi-finger gestures. Just FYI.

    4. An update on my previous report of Magic Trackpad failures after installing the 10.10.3 Supplement. As I reported, multi-finger functions failed after the software update. The failure continued after a restart and I tried another Magic Trackpad. I reverted to 10.10.3 via Time Machine. Guess what. The Magic Trackpad works fine. All of this problems were on a mid 2011 27 inch iMac with SSD. Needless to say, I’m not installing the Supplement in my MacBook Pro or Mac Mini. Thanks for you inputs on my problem.

  4. Hmm. I keep getting the impression that expanding Apple’s beta testing to masses of people hasn’t helped improve either the quality or speed of Apple OS updates. That this supplemental update wasn’t originally in 10.3.3 is, IMHO, embarrassing. If I had a big enough boot I’d…

  5. At least one of the apps this update addresses is ManyCam. I had ManyCam installed and installed the 10.10.3 delta update last night and had this exact problem, MBP would not boot properly, some text appearing and disappearing quickly (which I finally caught with my iPhone camera). First reinstalled OS X from recovery mode, no difference. Restarting in safe mode and deleting the manycam kext file fixed the problem.
    Unless this supplemental update is installed along with the 10.10.3 update now, anyone else using Manycam will suffer the same fate.

  6. This update affected my 2012 MacBook Air built-in trackpad too. If I click too fast (physical click, not tap click) it doesn’t register. Something has changed in the timing. Now about 50% of my clicks do nothing. Very frustrating.

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