Former Yahoo CEO Levinsohn: Marissa Mayer may have to go

“Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer may have to leave the tech giant soon, according to a former head of the company who left after losing out to Mayer for the job three years ago,” Everett Rosenfeld reports for CNBC.

“Former Yahoo interim CEO Ross Levinsohn suggested that the future of the firm will either see it being sold to another entity, or it will mean Mayer is forced to leave her position—or maybe both,” Rosenfeld reports. “It all depends, he said, on how the company’s stock fares after it spins off its remaining stake in Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba.”

“Although he had kind words for Mayer’s energy and expertise, Levinsohn admitted that she had a challenging job,” Rosenfeld reports. “‘One person cannot change Yahoo… and the stock growth, based on most reports, is really keyed to Alibaba,’ he said, adding that ‘it is a really really tough business to go run and grow.'”

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer<br>(photo by Brigitte Lacombe)
Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer
(photo by Brigitte Lacombe)
“Levinsohn said that at this ‘moment of truth,’ some investors (including Starboard Value’s Jeffrey Smith) and board members may begin to evaluate the extent of Yahoo’s gains under Mayer’s leadership,” Rosenfeld reports. “‘She was given a very long leash to build that company, it’s now almost three years. You can look at the performance, it has not gotten to where a lot of people thought it would get to,’ he said.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The stupid, shortsighted 10-year deal signed by then Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz and then Microsoft CEO Ballmer T. Clown on July 2009 to have Bing handle Yahoo Search hamstrings any Yahoo CEO, including Mayer. Anyone who proposes, much less signs a decade-long deal in the tech business is a damned fool.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Edward W.” for the heads up.]

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    1. I suppose you are mentioning clothes because she is a girl?

      She has been a very well respected and high achieving leader of geeks for many years prior to being CEO. Yahoo was a bag of poorly connected problems for many years. She didn’t inherit it until it was in really bad shape.

      Maybe she needs to go, but she didn’t run Yahoo into the ground, she just might not have been the right person to fix it.

  1. 1. I love their Yahoo news app. There is interesting stories and the commenters provide useful debate and humor.

    2. Their search is OK, but they need the ability to search by various dates. It is organized the same way as Google, but this means there is no added value. Why would I use Yahoo instead of Google? So, I stopped using their search and now use DuckDuckGo for 99 perecent of my searches.

    3. I have used their Apple TV app once. There is some content, but the organization is confusing, the reporting is opinionated and the stories don’t interest me.

    4. Their finance website was useful about a year ago, but now it is difficult to find things like company finance stats. Also, the site barely functions with cookies off. I haven’t looked at their finance app in years, but any finance app that doesn’t update price, volume, RSI, MACD, etc in real-time is garbage.

    5. They need a better designed dashboard to showcase their properties. I don’t want to be forced to install a bunch of their apps. They need better overall content organization.

    6. They should cross promote their properties. If I am reading a story about marijuana then list the other stories and comments relating to marijuana that were posted over the past week. Also link some timely media related to the stories which might be on Yahoo TV, Yahoo Radio, etc. Also list some stocks relating to the story and their current charts, etc, etc.

    1. 1. Yahoo’s news is nothing more than a slightly edgier mainstream news app. Occasionally they will feature criticism of the establishment liberal mindset, but only occasionally. Otherwise, it’s just like watching ABCCBSNBCCNN. In short, useless and pedestrian.

  2. She’s the clearest example since Ballmer of the Peter Principle. Running Yahoo is beyond her capabilities, and it’s time for her to take that golden parachute and get lost.


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