Apple gives custom Apple Watch Edition with gold Link Bracelet to Karl Lagerfeld

“Several celebrities like Katy Perry, Drake, and Pharrell Williams have been spotted with the gold Apple Watch Edition ahead of the device’s launch, but Apple gifted designer Karl Lagerfeld with something even more special — a custom gold Apple Watch with a gold Link Bracelet,” Juli Clover reports for MacRumors.

“In an image shared on Instagram by Lagerfeld’s assistant and bodyguard Sebastian Jondeau,” Clover reports, “Lagerfeld wears a yellow gold Apple Watch with the one-of-a-kind yellow gold Link Bracelet, which Jondeau says was ‘specially made’ by Apple.

Clover reports, “The price of a pure gold Link Bracelet would likely be upwards of $25,000.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Another example of Apple Watch advertising that’s so cost-effective, it’s essentially free.

Apple is brilliant. These gorgeous 18-karat gold Apple Watch Editions will begin showing up on the wrists of celebrities, famous athletes, and captains of industry very soon. And they will influence the rest of the world to lust after Apple Watch, too. And, here’s more Apple brilliance, unlike a $51,500 Piaget watch, your average Joe and Jane… will actually be able to partake in the same exact user experience with the Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport.SteveJack, MacDailyNews, March 9, 2015


    1. I’ve never understood this line of thinking. Why do you care who they give it to as a promotion? Shouldn’t the watch be something you want or don’t want, and not be a derivative of who was given one?

      1. I completely agree that Apple can do with their products as they see fit, and giving an Edition WATCH to high profile celebrities is a bit of genius advertising.

        But an even more genius bit of advertising would be giving the equivalent amount of Sport WATCHes away to “everyday” people as well. How about coughing up 300 Sport WATCHes to the “huddled masses” for each celeb de jour that gets a $15,000 Edition WATCH? I’m pretty sure that would create the same, if not bigger media / social network buzz for Apple.

        1. hey you never know. Maybe they are and they aren’t talking about it. That would be a good will gesture. Giving it to Lagerfeld is advertising and its a smart more.

        2. I remember when the ipod came out and everyone and their dog who were giving away prizes had an ipod as one of the prizes. I suspect that there will be a lot of watches given away this way, although what’s an android user going to do with one.

    2. This kinda of ass-kissing will ultimately sell more Apple Watches, then iPhones, then Macbooks. It all ends up reflected in an increase of the value of my AAPL shares. Pucker up Buttercup 😉😽👍👄💋😇👌💰💰💰

      (sorry, I couldn’t help myself!)

      1. If it arrives before June will you be less bitter? There was a story where an Apple exec said that might happen. I wonder if the exec was Miss Angela, hoping it will come true so that formerly disgruntled customers walk away happy saying it’s all good, and she gets to keep her job as head of retail.

        1. No. I won’t be less bitter. Apple just “quietly” removed the April 24th availability date from their website. What does that tell you? How long before those of us who have ship dates of June or later see those ship dates “quietly” slip? This is a horrible way to roll out a product. This does not ensure customer loyalty. It turns us into skeptics. I certainly will never preorder another Apple product again. This is horse shit.

    3. When did Apple court fashion houses for favour?

      Could anyone imagine Steve Jobs doing this with such a hideous looking chunk of ugliness?

      If this is the effect having an ex Burberry exec at Apple has, oh boy are we in for a disappointing ride. . .

      What’s next, iPlod Shoe range? iPap Underwear Range? iPed Foot Treatment? iPug Interactive Handbag Pet?

      I’m still waiting for the Exclusive Christmas Dinner Treat, the iPud!

      Interesting that Apple can make a one off for ‘fashion show – oh look at me luvvy, darling, sweetie’, but can’t make enough Watch or new MacBook for launch day stock.

      Where did their priorities go?

      1. eh…

        as an investor apple branching out and with a great product is wonderful

        as for not making enough watches, they probably sold more in one day than they used to sell macs in a year and all the android wear watches to date. Those ‘problems’ you are describing are due to apple having too much success.

        There are still one hour lines for the iPhone 6 in some parts of China so i guess you can complain about that as well. Companies like HTC, LG, Motorola would give their right arm for that kind of ‘problem’ (not enough assembly lines. Apple has to farm out production to various companies and stagger launches., and contract manufacturers are madly scrambling to build more facility… ). Apple has won Gartner’s Supply Chain Award 2014 (that’s seven years in a row) beating Amazon, McDonalds, etc

    1. Yes, Apple should sell both yellow and rose gold link and Milanese bracelets. But somehow they decided not to — weird.

      Also, of course, I would much prefer Titanium watches rather than steel since it would be just as hard but much lighter.

      (Liquid Metal would be also an option, but Swiss have exclusive license for wearables.)

  1. Karl Lagerfeld is already rich and famous, he should buy or afford his own iWatch. Only the poor and unknown has to buy everything with their own money. Same goes with no bank fees if the account has substantial amounts in it which means, money makes more money and the poor is poorer. life sucks.

    1. 2 cents:

      hating rich people is the biggest hurdle from becoming rich yourself.

      You are training your SUBCONSCIOUS , the driving force of your being, that ‘rich is Bad’. Many things you try to make big money end up in failure because your subconscious is sabotaging it ( it’s helping you ‘not become’ the evil rich). You flub important interviews, sales calls, mess up your bank account because you (your subconscious) do not want to be rich,

      I don’t want to list my achievements because you might think I’m another arrogant prick and not listen to my small advice above, but so that you realize I know something about it I have to say I have no debt and over a million bucks in the bank.

  2. I guess we can afford to give a super expensive watch to someone who can afford buy it. By we I mean Apple customers who are the ones who are really paying for it. Now if only I could afford 1 for me.

    1. For every Edition they sell, they can probably give 2 way – and still be ahead. That’s what fashion is all about – being seen – so there is no conflict of interest.

      Apple is a company not a federal bureau so the ‘we’ is not the general public, or even other Apple customers. It’s a business decision taken by a business for business reasons.

      If you don’t follow a ‘fashion’ agenda it won’t matter in your decision to buy a standard one, or not, based upon your idea of whether its worth the cost.

    1. Uhh – Apple is a CORPORATION selling a PRODUCT and MILLIONS of people will be influenced to buy it by the high-profile locations on celebrities’ wrists and counters of Selfridges etc.

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