EU to slam Google with major antitrust charges

“Google will on Wednesday be accused by Brussels of illegally abusing its dominance of search in Europe, a step that ultimately could force it to change its business model fundamentally and pay hefty fines,” Alex Barker, Christian Oliver and Anne-Sylvaine Chassany report for The Financial Times.

“Margrethe Vestager, the EU’s competition commissioner, is to say that the US group will soon be served with a formal charge sheet alleging that it breached antitrust rules by diverting traffic from rivals to favour its own services, according to two people familiar with the case,” Barker, Oliver, and Chassany report. “Serving Google with a so-called statement of objections will be the opening salvo in one of the defining antitrust cases of the internet era. It could prove as epic as the decade-long battle with Microsoft that ultimately cost the company €2bn in fines.”

“The company could still seek to settle the case even after the charges are brought. It could take at least a year and probably longer for the commission to make a final decision,” Barker, Oliver, and Chassany report. “Google would probably challenge any ruling that goes against it through the European courts, opening a legal war that could run for years.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Hopefully, this will all work out so that competition can flourish where it currently might not fully do so in some areas.


  1. Citizens of the free and civilized world, thank goodness someone is standing up to one of these corrupt American companies, many others of course backed up by the NSA that engages in cyber espionage.

    Everyone knows how terrified Americans get when they see a level playing field, but the real horror is when they have to play on it.

    1. You paint Americans with a disingenuous broad brush dipped in personal fantasy and personal agenda to fit your world view for which many of us here would be happy to reciprocate.

      You might too remember your World War history as you probably would not have the freedom to make such balderdash statements without the shed blood and sacrifice of the sons and daughters of the United States.

      1. Now now peterblood71 Americans do the disingenuous broad brush stroking in personal fantasy and personal agenda to foist their world view upon others.

        Of course I could be wrong, maybe George Bush was right that Saddam Hussein was involved in the second 9-11, maybe there was a huge arsenal of weapons of massive destruction, maybe there are not a bunch of resorts, one being Guatanamo Bay where there is no torture going on. Maybe I’m having a fantasy about Snowden’s revelations about unethical cyber espionage, industrial sabotage. However, what I see is exactly the opposite.

        I remember my World War history, and it was the blood and sacrifice of the sons and daughters of the ALLIES, which included the United States that have kept the freedom I enjoy. Nice try at taking all the credit though, that’s some fantasy.

        So feel free to reciprocate away, I’m sure it will make a big bang but thanks to your “aim for Bin Laden hit Saddam Hussein” guidance system I’m as safe as the broad side of a barn.

        1. You love Straw Man arguments don’t you? Then you use current events to discount the past. What a total nincompoop. You’re as naive as they come if you think the United States has cornered the market on espionage, counter intelligence and government misdeeds. If you’re a Brit you can look at your own draconian history of not being nice.

          A bit presumptuous for you to set you or your government up as the shining example of a perfect governance or a people beyond reproach. Hah! You really just showed your major doofus stiff upper lip colors bereft of any knowledge of how the world works but flail against the system anyway. You must be in your early 20’s and haven’t yet acquired experience and wisdom to know better.

          I think every nation could be improved as could the human race in general, and humans with their weaknesses are the very worst thing about civilization. You and your own nation are not spared from the frailties of the human condition and the compartmentalized evil that can go on. And then you try to paint with a broad brush which is the error of the undistinguished immature thinker. But i suspect you’re more the conspiracy theory type. You live it, you love it. Reason be damned.

          If the U.S. had not entered the WWII you would be TOAST. End of the story. Sure it was combined effort of the Allies (including the Russians) but I love how you love to diminish the real stars of that show (though not diminishing the contribution of the other participants) and in the process thumb your nose at the incredible sacrifice to win that war. Britain was LOSING, France SURRENDERED, Belgium SURRENDERED, Poland FELL, Netherlands SURRENDERED, Luxembourg ANNEXED TO GERMANY, Romania SURRENDERED, Yugoslavia SURRENDERED, Greece SURRENDERED, Serbia SURRENDERED, Crete SURRENDERED, etc.. Wasn’t looking good for you was it? Oh but let’s talk about Snowden & Guantonomo Bay as a complete argument subterfuge because you’re big boy and throwing that shit out somehow makes you feel good & look like you know what you’re talking about. Too bad you don’t. You are a great example of a little bit of knowledge being dangerous.

          Sorry you don’t get to rewrite history Bunkie. Not clueless sorts like you without any perspective.

          No argument you’ve made has hit anything but the broad inside of a loo.

          1. re
            “Sorry you don’t get to rewrite history Bunkie.”

            Yehhh, Road Warrior. And don’t forget the Americans captured the Enigma machine, an enormously important turning point in WWII . The movie ‘U-571’ says so. /s

            And D-Day was basically run by the Americans, who formed the vast majority of the force. /s (They were actually very much the minority.)

            And military deaths are interesting to look at…
            The UK, USA, Yugoslavia lost around 400,000. UK losses were three times the US compared by population. Yugoslavia’s were THIRTY times as great. France lost 200,000, four times as much as the US by population. Poland about 250,000. China 3-4 million. Russia about 10 MILLION. The little Netherland lost – proportionally – TEN TIMES as many of their population as the US. You sum that up with “surrendered”.

            Yes, the USA was an important ally. But whether by absolute numbers of deaths or by percentage of population, the US was just one of the guys.

            And I doubt your assertion that, “If the U.S. had not entered the WWII you would be TOAST. End of the story.” And if there is any truth to that statement, it is just as true for China and Russia.

            1. I stand by my statement if the U.S. had not entered the war it would have been a rough “row” for those enemies of the German’s & Japanese. Revisionist route doesn’t work for the Holocaust deniers either. Doubtful many nations “over there” would gave emerged unscathed. It would be a different world today. Get real.

              Those who ignore the true facts of history are doomed to repeat them. There were also 383,800 UK military deaths and 407,000 U.S.. Proportional population casualty multipliers don’t make any difference on a war of this scale. The Brits were also in on the war earlier than the U.S.. The U.S. and Allies also gave plenty of aid as well as soldiers to the fight.

              Another foolish doofus attempting to minimize the American WWII effort. You look a fool and should be ashamed. You try to make arguments on details of the war I never even brought up like the other goof. Surrender doesn’t mean there weren’t casualties, another argument FAIL. Disingenuous much?

            2. I agree with your assertion that without the US, Europe would have been lost to Nazi Germany, however you have forgotten that the Russian bear had been woken and we all know eventually Russia would have won the war. The US campaign in Europe came very late, much to the disdain of the Russians, and the Allies were lucky that the German elite forces were all fighting on the Eastern front. The Russians did receive aid from the US, however the sheer numbers meant Russia would have liberated all of Europe eventually. I believe that Churchill would have come to a deal with Stalin and Britain would have remained independent alongside a red Europe. Finally, Britain had won the Battle of Britain over the skies of Southern England before the US had even entered the war, but without US aid things would have been very different.

            3. Yes we are stuck with “what if’s” if the U.S. had not entered the war. The scenario you paint might well have happened and instead of Europe under the control of the Nazi’s might have all or most ended up under the thumb of the Russians and become socialist states! Still NOT a pretty picture. Obviously it took combined Allied forces and effort to defeat two zealous war enemies simultaneously but I resent anyone disingenuously minimizing the U.S. war effort once we entered into it. And then being so out of touch with history they fail (or pridefully resist having not been there) the notion that without the U.S. intervening their history would have been up for grabs. America famously was like a slumbering giant “awoken” and ramped up the near non-existent war machine quickly and efficiently with many women working & building up the necessary military might and making it possible – while the men fought, and died. You’re welcome! And we’d do it again, ungrateful wretches like Road Warrior notwithstanding.

          2. RE: “You and your own nation are not spared from the frailties of the human condition and the compartmentalized evil that can go on.”

            Couldn’t agree more, Peter. Unfortunately I doubt Mr. Road will ever care to study up on things that are actually happening on his own home turf. If Mr. Road is indeed British, I have a couple of news articles for him to check out:

            “Britain has a CCTV camera for every 11 people, a security industry report disclosed, as privacy campaigners criticised the growth of the “surveillance state”.”


            “The court that oversees Britain’s intelligence agencies ruled Friday that electronic mass surveillance of people’s cellphone and online communications, like the Prism program revealed by Edward J. Snowden, is legal.”


            You see, Mr. Road, we’re all in the same boat currently. This is true no matter what directions you’re trying to take with your incessant sh*tfest on America. WE ARE ALL IN THE SAME BOAT. And if you don’t believe this, your particular government is doing a great job putting blinders on you and feeding you bullsh*t. US citizens once also had that wonderful ignorance, until Snowden (thankfully) spilled the beans. He should be considered a hero.

          3. Ah peterblood71 thank you so much for your amusing post. What a great blast of vitriol. While I do enjoy the delusional issues you bring up, it’s the insinuation that I’m a twenty something Brit. I see that your “aim for Saddam Hussein hit Bin Laden” guidance system is an inaccurate as usual.

            I’ve never set up me or my government to be a shinning example, but feel free to continue to fire away with those presumptions, you probably won’t hit anything but the bang whizz makes for good popcorn.

            While I never brought world war two in my original post I’m happy to dance through the smoke and mirrors for a bit longer. One could just as well say that if Britain had not kept the Nazis at Bay then you would be toast. The irony is of course is that today, the U.S. is toast, but that has nothing to do with the second world war. The real stars of the show, yeah right. What great stars did the U.S. earn during 1939??? How about 1940??? There were many stars amongst those fighting in World War 2. I am certainly not snubbing my nose at anyone who contributed to that conflict, including a now deceased family member very near and dear to my heart who was on the beaches on DDay and told me on how he nearly died that day. It makes defending freedom very personal to me, and personally watching the recent American activities like the second Gulf war and opening up torture resorts across the world is another demonstration of an entity that is a threat to global security.

            It’s so nice of you to show your half witted approach when you put out in big letters that Britain was losing. News flash peterblood71, on any given day one side can be losing a war. In fact I think that on December 7, 1941 one could surmise that the U.S. was losing the war. In true half wit fashion you rattle off the list of those who surrendered. Here’s another news flash, there are a lot of countries that did not surrender like the United States, Soviet Union, United Kingdom, China, India, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Mexico, Brazil, Cuba to name a few. Wasn’t good for you to post the rest of that list was it? All those countries, all of them contributed to stopping a great evil. They were all heros at that time and made a contribution that stopped lunacy from prevailing.

            Ah so that’s what you have to say about Snowden and Guatanamo Bay? Oh yes, you think that having your leader say “we tortured some folk” and then a “but we must look forward” wipe the slate clean statement shows that you are a big boy and that you can throw your bully weight around because you are above the law. I equally find that your arguments, and deliriums don’t hit the broad side of anything.

            But keep firing.

            1. It’s great to see your continued level of ignorance and foolishness and general lack of knowledge while pretending to be snootily above the fray. Typical. Also the “legend in your own mind” and “half-vast” writing style. So what nationality are you if not Brit? What age? Not terribly honest or forthcoming are you? You have high expectations and standards for others while exhibiting few of those qualities yourself. Perhaps in light of this personal information you only look even more spectacularly stupid. You also boorishly repeat yourself being bereft of so little to say and so little capability of saying it without a huge tongue in cheek dose of snobby ignorance. I believe other posts addressed the issue of Snowden which also included the corruption and similar intelligence situation of your own country. Disingenuous and one-sided much? What a clueless immature uninformed goofball. I had no idea being a regular you were this far gone. All you are achieving is immature, incendiary, trollish commentary and showing yourself for the loathsome human YOU are. Take your delusional political BS elsewhere and off MDN.

            2. I’m glad you are amused. Of course you broadly stroke the general lack of knowledge without precisely identifying one bit of information I’ve gotten wrong. Of course our opinions vary but those aren’t facts. Gosh now you are attacking my writing style, I love the smell of fear and desperation. Oh I love this peterblood. Shoot first and ask questions after, typical American. Yup you accuse me of a general lack of knowledge and then go on to put me into the twenty something Brit box. What a hypocritical thing to do, and now that you’ve got it wrong, totally wrong, geographically and not even in the same time zone you ask me my nationality, and my age, tossing another attempt at an insult of not being terribly honest or forthcoming. Heck peterblood71, this is about a slime American company, Google going up to face antitrust charges, not about my nationality and age. Not even an apology to the twenty something Brits, not even an apology to me for getting it wrong. No, no, no you just keep on firing, hoping to hit something. Hoping that I’ll tell you my nationality and age, and for what purpose? I can only gather that it would be to insult my nation and age group, I mean look at your posts, you don’t compliment anyone.

              I don’t mind being stupid, cause next to you I appear to be a genius. You did not address the issue of torture and apart from maybe Russia and China I highly doubt that any country undergoes the level of activities that Snowden describes. I consider loathsome humans those who do horrible things like say torture people and violate the sovereignty of another nation.

              Oh is that a threat I hear? An order to take my so called delusional BS elsewhere and off MDN. Gee what are you going to do peterblood71 if I don’t, call me a thirty something Scotsman and belittle Scotland?

            3. Clueless to the end. Your picture is in the dictionary alongside the word “obnoxious.” Your Straw Man tendencies makes you a shoe-in for a Wizard of Oz revival. It’s obvious you have little respect or understanding this is not a political site yet you continue, which shows your intense level of immaturity.

              Genius? Sure you’re a genius along the lines of Wile E. Coyote. Your love of conspiracy and presuming somehow the Snowden reveals are the greatest evil ever perpetrated on humanity continues to reveal your complete and utter ignorance of history.

              Please keep your diatribes and political BS meanderings befitting a homeless person who talks to himself off MDN. We’ve all heard enough of your shameless personal view spew, regardless of spotty merit. The more dribble you post, the more resented on this site you become. There are other better sites & places where you will find the choir you seek.

            4. Spoken from someone who exhibits extremely poor manners from the outset by making unwanted political comments on an Apple site. Here’s hoping you insufferably suffer much Road Rash on the highway of your “warrior” milquetoast & tea real life. Oh and btw, you’re decidedly a troll baiting loathsome human being who drops his little bombshells and then sits in wait for the reaction. Typical of what’s worst on the Internet. I look forward to future nonsense springing from your myopic mind, and ignore. We’ve been talking about the worst in humanity? You’ll see it next time you look in a mirror.

              Have you guessed? I DON’T LIKE YOU and I’m sure the feeling is mutual.

      1. That’s great, I’m sure that place will be very appreciative of you creating the playing fields there, as there will be so many of you that end up there. Myself, I plan to be on the other side, enjoying the view from the heavenly clouds.

      1. This is what Liberal Statism hath wrought. Europe is a shambles. Now we get two fuckin years of the MSM telling us to elect fuckin Hillary. please. I pray fervently that America wakes up before it’s too late.

        1. It’s getting very close to being too late to avoid that karma that’s going to be such a bitch. There is nothing I’d like better than to see the United States grow a spine and take responsibility for the torture of innocents, and the war crimes it has committed against humanity.

          But I am not holding my breath.

          1. First I’d like Britain to own up to it’s crimes as an occupying force in India, against the American colony’s, abusive monarchy in the past, the Boxer Rebellion of 1899-1901, during the Second Boer War, the Baralong Incidents, the Easter Rising in Dublin, during the Irish War of Independence, Belfast atrocities and casualties of Irish citizens, the aftermath of the Rineen Ambush, the Burning of Cork, the looting of French towns by British soldiers during WWII, raping by British soldiers in 1944 during the advance on Germany, the Batang Kali massacre, the British treatment of concentration camp detainees in Kenya resulting in over 1,090 hanged (one of the mistreated prisoners was the grandfather of our President Obama, the Chuka Massacre, the Hola Massacre, the Falklands War and executions at the hands of British paratroopers, abuses and violations of the laws and customs of war were committed by British forces during the Iraq War, and God knows what else. BUT, I’m not holding my breath either.

            Oh yeah your government and people is certainly BEYOND reproach. Oh wait, they’re flawed humans just like the rest of us!

            Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw their history-ignorant stones. Those expecting exemplary conduct in humanity at all times is a fool and bound to be disappointed.

            1. Ah it’s you again, a double whammy. You have a long wish list against Britain. I suggest that you approach them to soothe your issues with them. Might have to fix your guidance system there so that you actually talk to a Brit. Heck I’d probably like that sort of ownership of responsibility too, but my list is a bit shorter, just get George W. Bush and crew to the Hague to answer for crimes against humanity, including the second Gulf War, and the barbaric actions of torture that you still engage in.

              I never said that my government and people are beyond reproach. You want to take pot shots at my country go right ahead, we’ve certainly got some major black marks against us, but for the most part we owned up to it, accepted what we have done, and taken those responsible to justice but hey it’s pretty minor stuff compared to the crimes against humanity of the United States. Of course I could be wrong, but you know what, bring G.W. Bush and to the Hague for trial for the crimes against humanity and if he’s found innocent I’ll personally apologize on this site. You can take my word for it, after all I’m not American.

              I certainly don’t expect exemplary conduct from humans all the time. I do expect a reckoning though, and if the US isn’t going to clean up it’s act, then it’s act is most certainly going to be cleaned up.

              And believe me, karma will be such a bitch.

            2. The problem is, again, you are being cute by not mentioning what country you are from. I’m sure when it’s revealed it will be very good for a hearty laugh at your disingenuous expense. You also continue to show acute naïveté and ignorance.

            3. Ah it’s a problem now. Consider for a moment peterblood71, the alternative, if you would have had expressed the civilized gesture of asking me my age and nationality I would have inclined to have done so. However you did not, you presumed and attacked twenty something Brits. That’s not even cute and you don’t even have the guts to apologize for it, not to me, not to the Brits who are twenty something. You are banking on having a good hearty laugh when and if you find out, but I’m laughing right now at your disingenuous approach, in fact you are classic kettle calling the pot black. To be expected when a nation is lead by those who think torture is OK.

              Oh and to your other posts, it was never my intent to nor is it my intent to belittle the sacrifice of anyone who contributed to the efforts of world war two, but that along with so much more seems to be lost on you.

              I’m pretty well done here, it’s getting to the point of you attempting personal insults and far away from the Google and EU antitrust case. I’m sure you will go on with your vitriolic smoke and mirror insults… it’s becoming the American way.

            4. Rambling again? Look if I was talking with someone who had an ounce of an understanding of history and experience that’d be one thing. But you betray your general lack of knowledge and pretend once again to be above the fray emulating fictional millionaire Thurston Howell III (that’s why methinks you are British.) Just know you ain’t foolin’ anyone. On top of that you’re just another Internet blowhard and coward. Love your line of reasoning not wanting to reveal your nationality and age (since you KNOW you’d be crucified – If you can’t take the heat stay outta the kitchen!) which means essentially you are taking your toys and leaving.

              Your extreme lack of maturity betrays you. Back to the sandbox and play yard where you belong. Come back when you grow up. I see no signs of intelligent life in this so-called Road Warrior. I henceforth rename you “Meadow Muffin.”

            5. Wow, you are a lot of fun peterblood71. I really like you, another one of your presumptuous misses. You wouldn’t have been involved with that WHAAAAA WHAAAA WHAAAAA Iraq has weapons of mass destruction fantasy by any chance? It just sounds do deja vu. Hmmm nothing but insults and name calling in your last post, the refuge of those who cannot debate. Go ahead, call me names, I bet your patriotic buddies do the same when they torture innocent victims. Keep your “I am a British twenty something” person to unleash your vitriol even though I’ve told you that I am not British. You obviously don’t have the capacity to see where your presumption leads you and obviously lack the ability to use a civilized approach of asking questions first before firing off the insults from your mouth, and it’s certainly a far cry for you to even consider to apologize to either me, the twenty something from Britain or the other members of the MDN community for thrusting this thread into a direction far away from the topic at hand.

              Oh to that point, my apologies to the fine members of the MDN community who had to watch this exchange, but consider it an educational experience in identifying the characteristics of a bully who works their way with a plethora of insults.

              Now if you’ll excuse me peterblood71, I’m going to wrap up for the audience that I am talking to, the members of the free and civilized world. You can read the rest of course, far be it for me to be arrogant to the point of asking you to leave.

              Remember citizens of the free world, the rule of thumb for debating an American, expect:
              1. Insults, and we’ve seen insults galore.
              2. Smoke and mirrors. In this case the glory days of World War 2.
              3. Never getting to the point, note that peterblood71 hasn’t contributed one iota of rationale towards the issue at hand.

              Until the next exciting episode folks.

            6. Well you know a lot about misses since you’re entire life and amount of knowledge are well represented by the concept. Another numb nuts who thinks everything he says is gold, instead of fool’s gold. Insults in this case are highly appropriate and in fact a case could be made for more stringent and bombastic abuse in your obnoxious & hopeless case. Ahh well some folks like you will never see the forest for the trees. I wonder if you went to the dubiously prestigious troll place of learning – Blather University – because you do have the gift of nonsensical, disjointed, specious & misanthropic gab.

              Yes you’re right you couldn’t be British. I’ve lived in Britain, have many British friends, and the British are just not as brain drained as you boldly are. though of course they might have let you loose from Broadmoor Hospital.

              People like you are the poster child of those who should NOT be allowed an Internet connection. Why don’t you wrap yourself up neatly in cellophane instead and take a long walk on a short plank, hmmm? You would do an inestimable service to mankind, and that seems to be your goal isn’t it?

        1. Fsck off moron. You have plenty of shit stuck on you, it’s called “your personality.”

          What an asswipe to keep hanging around with your pathetic screeching diatribes where you’re plainly not wanted. Take your rant to the freeway underpass where it should make a nice fit along with your fellow halfwit deranged.

          1. Wow you are really getting voracious. No semblance of rationale from you is there, it’s all hate hate hate. Bring it on peterblood71, I’ve got lots of love to spare and there nothing like showing citizens of the free and civilized world what Americans have become. Keep moving in the direction you are going and you’ll be crossing a line soon.

            “Take your delusional political BS elsewhere and off MDN.”
            I don’t have to take orders from you bully.

            “Why don’t you wrap yourself up neatly in cellophane instead and take a long walk on a short plank, hmmm? You would do an inestimable service to mankind, and that seems to be your goal isn’t it?”

            That’s really showing off, because reading between the lines you are advocating that I kill myself and that it would be an inestimable service to mankind. That’s the spirit that promotes the kind of gesture like uh like uh say torture.

            “Take your rant to the freeway underpass where it should make a nice fit along with your fellow halfwit deranged.”

            There is a healthy trading of insults during a debate with someone but if you are going to order someone around like that, especially if you are going to suggest that someone kill themselves you better start taking a serious look at yourself because sooner or later you just might cross that line. Oh wait, what am I talking about, your country has already crossed that line. No moral high ground for you anymore.

            Keep going with the insults at your own risk, while you can though, and it’s about all you got left. It’s is after all your free will and far be it to be arrogant to the point where I would tell you where and what to post.

            I’m really looking at the bright side here, while you are attempting to bully me, you aren’t bullying someone else, someone who could be hurt by your vitriol. Have a safe evening.

            1. Whatever you do RW, WHATEVER YOU DO, do NOT have any offspring. We gotta kill off that RW defective gene pool just as quick as we can.

              Congrats by the way for being MDN’s 2015 Social Posting Pariah by virtue of your powerful overwrought obnoxiousness and undesirable nut bag conversationalist attributes. I can think of NO ONE more deserving, especially as your clowny nonsense has nothing to do with Apple. Now take a hike and don’t come back. PLEASE!

            2. Oh peterblood, you still haven’t figured out the quality of your “aim for Bin Laden hit Saddam Hussein” guidance system. Like everything else you are wrong, I already have offspring, and you’ve just crossed the line with this “We gotta kill off that that RW defective gene pool just as quick as we can.”

              That’s a threat, a death threat not only to me, to my family. You and who’s army peterblood71? What country are you going to invade? You are so full of hot air, but obviously you can’t put your money where your mouth is cause I’m still here, smiling and laughing, oh yes and I’m laughing at you, what pathos you demonstrate. I mean you are scooping the bottom of the bucket.

              No hike being taken here, you are a total bully in my opinion and I am not afraid of the likes of you. You have a total disregard for human life over what, some disagreement of opinion. I do have to say the repugnance of your posts is astonishing.

              Relax though, you are forgiven for your attempts to trespass against me.

              This thread was about Google and the EU and as I’ve pointed out before you have not contributed one iota to it.

              When you come on line and suggest suicide and then make a death threat like you have done, it indicates to me one thing, a bully full of fear. It oozes from you.

              Enjoy your karma, but somehow I doubt it.

            3. Bullying? No, I’m disciplining a misbehaving 12 year old. Yah know if nations were penises then your homeland no doubt makes a cocktail wiener look like a Dodger dog, so I can understand your terminal inferiority complex and offensive positions as well as odor. Rant on clueless one with your amusing one girlie-man band middle school debate skills.

    1. The U.S. government’s slap on the wrist did not start Microsoft to unravel. Microsoft could pay a $2 billion fine without blinking – annually.

      Microsoft began to fall apart due to mismanagement, static thinking, bloat, political infighting, and the fact that Steve Jobs was busy thinking 8 moves ahead while Ballmer could barely understand what happened four moves ago.

      Basically, Microsoft had one big thing: a fake Mac that cost less upfront than the real thing. With that, they leveraged Office. Once the desktop ceased to be the most important, Microsoft had nothing but decline coming their way. They totally missed the move to mobile while Apple defined it.

      1. 2014/2016, you are correct in what you say. But, from what I’ve read, the problems at MS really did start with the anti-trust case.

        Before the anti-trust case, MS was on a roll. They were trying to create a walled-garden that forced everyone to use MS. However, unlike Apple, they were not doing this through innovation, but rather thru buying and suing competitors, licensing, and proprietary software.

        When the anti-trust lawsuit hit, it caused MS management to freeze. They began to doubt how far they could go in screwing people and competitors. This gave Apple an opening which it took advantage of.

        Unfortunately, while Apple’s walled-garden is built on innovation and satisfying customer needs, I fear the feds will one day go after Apple the way they did MS.

        1. “I fear the feds will one day go after Apple the way they did MS.”

          you might be absolutely right. The feds (around the world) don’t seem to be particularly friendly to Apple. (and they lust after that giant Apple Cash reserve).

          Still one of the bright lights I can see is that for once MARKET SHARE plays in Apple’s favour. For example although it makes the bulk of phone profits it only holds 20+% word wide market share (or that’s what the pollsters tell us) so it’s hardly a monopoly. Similarly Macs, Books etc

        1. Maybe because it’s the first time he’s made a logical, on-topic post without spinning off into a frothing political rant. A welcome change that I hope continues.

  2. speaking of anti-trust, i just read an article on slate about amazon signing agency contracts with book publishers — the same thing that amazon pushed the justice department to use as an argument against apple in the suit that is being appealed.

  3. Not loving the company, but their search is superior when compared to the competition. And I still would love to see Google over Bing in my iPhone/iPad. Bing is like a bad joke that won’t fade away…

    By the way, try searching ‘Maps’ on Google and on Bing. Which maps solution comes as first link? My point exactly.

    1. Yaffa,
      Try DuckDuckGo or
      If that does not suit your needs use, It uses the Google search engine anonymously thereby giving you better results (no tinkering with paid rankings) and it keeps your privacy.

  4. In a just world, Eric T Schmidt would be jailed over this but he’d then probably turn prison shower room activities into some kind of sick, voyeuristic peep show for himself and minions.

  5. Speaking of governance, haven’t you all really sat down and wonder why we are at war with other countries? Is it the populace who decides war or the government? Is it the populace who hates the other countries and decides they are a bunch of greedy eejits or is it the government? Perhaps the media? Seriously, if you sit down next a frenchman wouldn’t he welcome you with a glass of wine then to butcher your head just because the government are each other’s throat and or the media spews lies? its BS.

  6. I can’t wait until Apple gets 90% market share and then the EU start some antitrust case against Apple.

    EU Case: “apple abused it’s 90% market share and made us all use Maps while squeezing out the little guys like Google Maps” – circa 2018

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