Average U.S. Apple Watch pre-order was $707

Slice Intelligence “shared preliminary data over the weekend that it gathered from 9,080 people that did pre-order an Apple Watch in the U.S. on Friday,” Kevin Tofel reports for ZDNet. “Slice Intelligence estimates 957,000 people pre-ordered with each person ordering 1.3 watches on average; that would indicate well over one million Apple Watch pre-orders in the U.S. alone on the first day.”

“Nearly two-thirds of the pre-orders Slice tracked were the less expensive Sport model, which accounted for 62 percent of the total orders,” Tofel reports. “Although Slice’s data says just 32 percent of pre-orders were for the more expensive Apple Watch, which starts at $549, the average Apple Watch buyer spent $707.04. That means there were a reasonable number of watch band upgrades. One quarter of the pre-orders Slice tracked included the purchase of Apple’s Milanese Loop band, for example, which is a $149 upgrade over a standard, included band. Buyers of the less-expensive Sport model spent $382.83 on average.”

Tofel reports, “Slice’s data suggests that 71 percent of Friday’s pre-orders were for the larger size [42mm] while the remaining 29 percent were for smaller wrists [38mm].”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We’re so glad we preferred the look of the Silver Apple Watch Sport with the Black Sport Band. That caused to buy the less popular AWS with White Sport Band preorder config which meant no waiting for our Watch deliveries. We ordered the Black bands after the Watch units and they’re currently set to arrive a fews days after the Watch (so supplies of those were likely going fast, too, as others were doing what we were doing; a theory that’s backed up by Slice’s $382.83 average for AWS orders).

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  1. I wonder how many of those where from Samsung, Xiaomi, microsoft etc… in order to have something to put in their photocopiers…
    Waiting for mine to arrive in June..

    1. Out of a million orders, the tiny number of Apple Watches being purchased by inquisitive rivals would be totally insignificant.

      However I’m pretty sure that there will be a lot of non-Apple smart watches employing something similar to digital crowns before the year is out, despite the fact that none of them thought it was a good idea before Apple announced that they were doing it.

  2. I took my wife to look at the Apple Watch on first day, afternoon. (For anyone in the Philadelphia suburbs, the Willow Grove Park store gets a lot less traffic than other stores in the area, and it is much easier to get appointments there.)

    She liked the AWS black band, but hated the black watch and was afraid of scratching, etc.

    She was hesitating about getting one, then we happened to read MDN and so she did the same thing — ordered the AWS with white band, and ordered a black band separately.

    Kindly of silly to have to do that, but no harm in having two bands I suppose….

    1. Wish I had thought of that. Could have gotten a pre-configured green band for those days when I’m feeling outrageous and a black one, which would look fine with the silver aluminum. Maybe MDN is smarter that I thought.

  3. “Average U.S. Apple Watch pre-order was $707”

    I’m happy for the affluent but, as for the common man not so much. Considering it starts at $300 and relies on the iPhone to work properly.

  4. Hey MDN – I’m curious … does your white band Apple Watch Sport (AWS) confirmation email have a specific delivery date of 4/24/15? Or did you get the “Delivers 4/24-5/8” guesstimate?

    I ordered a silver stainless steel w/ a black sport band immediately upon the online store being available Friday morning at 3:01am, and got a confirmation email from Apple time stamped at 3:03am with the window of “4/24 – 5/8” for delivery.

    I don’t ever remember seeing a delivery window like that when I pre-ordered iPhones or iPads …

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