Apple Watch first weekend preorders destroy Android Wear’s annual sales

“Apple Watch pre-orders began on Friday in select countries, but one estimate says already that 957,000 people in the U.S. alone ordered the device on the first day,” Susanna Kim reports for ABC News.

“The company that produced that report, Slice Intelligence, referred to their panel of two million online shoppers and found that 9,080 people in that panel had pre-ordered the Apple Watch this past Friday,” Kim reports. “That already surpasses the more than 720,000 Android Wear devices that sold last year, according to another research firm Canalys, which released its report in February.”

“Tim Coulling, Canalys senior analyst, agreed that he wasn’t surprised if Apple Watch pre-orders have already surpassed Android Wear device sales. Most recent examples of Android Wear devices sell for around $199.99 and up and include the ASUS Zenwatch, Moto 360, Sony SmartWatch 3, as well as Samsung and LG devices,” Kim reports. “‘There’s a lot of anticipation around the product. It’s far more advanced in terms of functionality,’ Coulling told ABC News. ‘Apple’s brand is a very fashionable brand so it’s likely that people will buy the product as a watch as well as a smartwatch.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: U.S.-only vs. worldwide. 3 days vs. an entire year. $707 ASP vs. “$199.99 and up.”

It’s a bloodbath in every respect. 🙂

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Edward W.” for the heads up.]

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    1. You can BET Apple filed a hundred or more patents on details of the watch and straps they designed, so Samsung knows it will have to break new ground, except I don’t see them doing that.

      Samsung will have to get their hands on Apple Watches and then tear them apart. That means that it will probably take them over a year to “copy,” if indeed the decide to do so against a dominating cohesive product line that Apple Watch will interact with.

      1. I am still disturbed that Steve said the original iPhone was patented up the wazoo.

        However, there are two sides to this.

        1. No, it apparently wasn’t. Arg.
        2. Samsung and the Xerox phone makers didn’t care.

    2. It’s not possible. The most popular smartphone is iPhone, particularly among wealthier customers who are likely to buy a smartwatch. In order to create a successful and profitable smartwatch, Samsung must cater to iPhone customers. They’ve already proven that Android customers will not buy. But Samsung cannot create a smartwatch that works with iPhone, except maybe for minimal functionality (like Microsoft Band). Therefore, Samsung and everyone else are essentially blocked from entering this new market of “luxury smartwatches,” because only Apple has iPhone. The only option is to go for the low end with limited functionality “not very smart” watches (like Microsoft Band), targeting customer who are not able or willing to pay for an Apple Watch.

  1. Even “Bloodbath” is understated. There were some of us who wanted to order 4 and were limited to 2. Why Apple did this I don’t know. Take my order of 4 and just give me a later delivery date. What’s with the limit? I don’t buy the “trying to stop smuggling back to China” stuff either. Imagine if Samdung was selling the thing, do you think they would limit the number you could order. Don’t think so.

    1. Samdung woukd not, becouse people woukd not be lining up to buy them… Demand would not overwhelm supply !

      In apples case i was able to order 3 at 12:02 on 10th! No. Limit of 2..
      But 4 i dont know !
      When apple limits orders they do it to make sure maximum number of customers have a chance to order !

    2. Samsung can’t even give phones away with Buy one get one free promos. So of course they don’t have a maximum limit. Also no one is lining up for any of Samsung “new” products or any other Android phone makers phone for that matter.

    1. I think that’s going to be a more evolving end of the Watch business. I want to watch (heh) the sales figures for the Edition over the next few months or even the next year.

      I have no doubt the Edition will have high sales at first for the wealthy end of the bleeding edge buyers. Then will be its growth within the more general wealthier population as it gains fashion approval and spin. Or so I imagine.

  2. There is one important thing that Apple has going for it, for which patents don’t matter. They have materials development that are unmatched. They can make things that can’t be duplicated in whole. Ceramics mixed with gold as an example. Technology which they uniquely possess, this is where dreams are made.

  3. Nothing makes Americans harder than a bloodbath it seems. Forget that you have a great product, it’s not about that, it’s about making others suffer.

    It’s the American way.

    1. I think you might’ve been on the road too long – your jadedness is so palpable. Perhaps you need a good, long holiday?

      Australia’s a good, relatively cheap place for a holiday! 😉

    2. HaHaHa! There is definitely some of that within the US culture. It’s an aspect of competition within some sub-cultural groups going back to the mythology of pioneering, cowboys and indians, conquering nature, doing better than the Joneses, baseball/football/basketball and similar gaming concepts.

      But I can point to a lot of British cultural concepts based upon the suffering of others. British class system? *DING* British humor is also significantly based on what can generally be called the joys of sadism.

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