April 24th: Apple’s fake Apple Watch release date

“Ask Apple and anyone familiar with its Apple Watch launch plans and they’ll tell you the device is available for preorder beginning April 10th,” Chris Smith writes for BGR. “Then, it should start selling in stores on April 24th.”

“Only this time around, unlike any other highly prized Apple device, that initial release date following preorders is very misleading,” Smith writes. “In fact, it’s looking more and more like a fake release date.”

“Good luck buying an Apple Watch on its ‘launch date.’ It’s not even clear when the device will be available to purchase for regular Apple customers who walk into Apple stores looking to buy a Watch,” Smith writes. “April 24th is not a true launch date… Why make April 24th the official launch date for the Apple Watch anyway? Why not make it sometime in June? As it turns out, that’s when many people will get their units anyway.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Obviously, Apple Watch is an extremely ambitious endeavor. In the meantime, if you’ve scored an Apple Watch, you’ve got to be checkin out eBay et al. to see for how much these things will be going.


  1. There are those willing to wait until this summer, and there are those of use who need to replace the Command+R keys on our Macs.

    Mine has a deliver ETA starting on April 24.

  2. The official release date IS April 24th, because the first several million customers will receive (or pick up) their Apple Watch on or about April 24th. Is this guy a moron?

    > It’s not even clear when the device will be available to purchase for regular Apple customers who walk into Apple stores looking to buy a Watch

    It’s VERY clear. Never, at least until supply catches up with demand. Apple says you can try it at an Apple Store, but you need to order it online. That means you can do it immediately after trying it (while at the store), using your own iPhone. But you are not going to walk in and walk out with an Apple Watch any time soon. That’s a fantasy for whiny ill-informed “journalists.” 🙂

    1. You have no idea how many customers will receive an Apple Watch on the 24th. I seriously doubt it’s ‘several million’.

      It’s obviuos to many of us who ordered a watch at 2 minutes past midnight that supplies were far far lower than they should have been.

      1. “Should have been” for what? Apple? Customers? Public perception?

        Sure, it would be nice if everyone who wanted one could have one exactly when they wanted, but there was no way Apple could completely gage demand, even if there weren’t also manufacturing and shipping issues.

        From a business standpoint, it makes sense for Apple to be somewhat conservative about possible demand. And from a public perception standpoint, it’s better for Apple to have customers scrambling to get some of the too few available, than for there to be piles of them unsold.

        People can wait a few months. They aren’t going to be buying stupid watches instead.

      2. I’m sure Apple will have AT LEAST 5 million units “in stock” by the time April 24th rolls around (all “pre-sold”). Production is on going, so that includes units produced between now and April 24th, in response to actual orders.

        You don’t seem to comprehend the numbers. All it takes to get to “several million” Apple Watch orders is for 1% of potential customers, existing Apple customers with an iPhone (5 or later), to decide to buy. That’s ONE PERCENT. 1-out-of-100.

        Based on what happened last night and today, common sense says significantly more than 1% will have pre-ordered by the time April 24th rolls around. And Apple’s contracted factories will be producing watches at the fastest possible rate. So YES, “several million” customers will have their prized Apple Watch on or about April 24th.

  3. Ohhhh, GAWD!!! Wah-wah-wah! Apple has just released an incredible and incredibly successful product. So you have to wait a little while. Get a grip, Chris.

    1. Successful product. I find that unsubstantiated. No ones even seen one yet and your ordering. Please. How juvenile to be so impatient. Seems only a few people talking April 24th. As opposed to any other later date then that. You be our guinea pig. Thanks

  4. Fake Article!

    How can this article be real when it doesn’t even fact check? A date is an opinion??? I don’t think so.

    Yes world! April 24th is the day the very first Watch hits the street, arrives in your mailbox or for pickup at the Store. If you didn’t happen to order in time on April 10th to get your Watch on April 24th, stop sobbing and deal with the fact that you’re living on The Bleeding Edge and stuff like this is standard.

    The next hard number of interest: How many Watches did Apple have ready to ship and arrive on April 24th for our consumption pleasure? Apparently, that number should ideally have been higher. But it wasn’t. Stop crying and writing fake articles about it.

  5. At least a million watches will be sold or preordered by the time Time Cook starts his earnings call statement on the 27th: “I am incredibly happy to report……”.

  6. I am excited, and bought 3 watches myself. But I do have some points of frustration as well:

    1. The Apple Watch Edition is not ready. Many models were not ready in-fact. The “August” date on their most notable $17,000 Edition is not from overselling and the date being pushed to allow for more to be made, because more aren’t being made, it’s a limited quantity product. By the time you get this Edition, it’ll be half way through its model cycle, assuming Apple will launch the 2nd gen watch at the 12 month mark like iOS devices. The Edition made sense to me until I saw the ship date. Part of what made sense was that someone with enough disposable financial resources shouldn’t have to wait up til midnight to buy a watch, they can pay a hefty price and get one whenever they want and have it still arrive on launch day. Not the case.

    2. Most of the upper end steel watches were already showing 4-6 week and June delivery estimates the second the store went online. This wasn’t from sales, again it’s because the products weren’t ready.

    3. In September, Apple announced it would come “Early 2015”, and based on their trimester schedule (Early = Jan 1-Apr 30, Mid = May 1-Aug 31, Late = Sep 1-Dec 31), Apple was forced to rush it out on the very last possible Friday that could still technically be considered on time with “Early 2015”.

    The product simply was not completely ready. The whole story about the “fake release date” holds a slight truth considering these points. Only the sport model and very basic steel models were even at all shipping on Apr 24, and who knows what quantity are actually shipping. I had to buy three watches so I can get them in phases and gradually get toward the one I really wanted as the very first set of those models are shipped for the first time, months from now.

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