Force Touch rumored to arrive exclusively on ‘iPhone 6s Plus’

“According to a new report from UDN, citing industry insiders who are familiar with TPK’s operations, the aforementioned manufacturer will record significant profits this year, as it will be responsible (along with GIS) for supplying Apple with Force Touch sensors designed for the iPhone 6S Plus,” Mihai Matei reports for G for Games.

“But because the Watch’s screen is 1.5 / 1.65-inches in diameter whereas the iPhone 6S Plus will pack a much larger display (5.5-inch), the Force Touch sensor for the aforementioned phablet will also be 2.5 times more expensive ($13-14) than the sensor fitted on the Apple Watch, which costs around $4-5 a pop,” Matei reports. “Another interesting aspect about this fresh report is that the iPhone 6S isn’t mentioned, which might mean that Force Touch technology could be reserved for the larger 6S Plus.”

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MacDailyNews Take: When Force Touch arrives on iPhone, we doubt it will be reserved for the “Plus” models. Force Touch is too big of a UI addition and offers too much potential to limit it to certain devices. Apple will more likely seek to continue the spread of Force Touch to all Apple input devices ASAP.

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  1. Agreed, MDN. Plus (get it??) the iPhone 6s will have a smaller screen, which by all rights should be easier to implement force touch on. Seems no reason except marketing or spite to have it only on the plus. As a developer it would be a pain not to be able to program touch on as many devices as possible.

    1. I think your point about developers is the key. Doesn’t make sense to develop new UI controls available to a subset of iPhone users. There are already separate iPad apps, so it doesn’t matter if they don’t have the same controls, but iPhone apps are supposed to work on all models of iPhones.

      1. Exactly, most developers will only get behind a consistent UI across all devices.

        Which is why Samsung made a mistake by not putting their “edge” feature on all their phones. (Assuming they could come up with consistent useful features for it. Personally I like the idea of side controls for a lot of things. Touching the side could bring up forward/back controls that didn’t block web page views, etc.)

  2. This is pretty exciting, but it’s so damn far away. Honestly I can’t wait for iOS 9 Beta 1. The annual hardware upgrades are seeming further and further apart as I continue to thirst for new tech. It would be nice if Apple had two major iOS updates every year, but at least as a registered developer we get new features nearly half way through the hardware cycle to keep things “fresh”.

    1. Got to say, as a fellow developer I’m in need of a breath right now: the Apple Watch plus Swift transitions have been a lot of work, so I for one won’t complain if things slow down just a bit here for the next 6 months or a year 🙂

  3. I expect Force Touch to be the number one new feature of iOS 9. Therefore all iOS 9 devices will need to have Force Touch screens. Doubt only 6S Plus will be exclusively Force Touch enabled.👀😨😱😠

  4. Oy. “6s Plus” sounds like something Samsung named. I hope they aren’t sticking with the stacked numbers/letters/codes like this in their models.

    There’s got to be a happy medium between iPad / The New iPad / iPad and iPhone 6sPlusUltra.

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