Apple has quietly doubled its Reno data center site

“Apple has greatly expanded its data center near Reno, Nev., about four hours east of Silicon Valley,” Daniel Eran Dilger reports for RoughlyDrafted. “However, it appears that the company’s aggressive growth in iCloud server capacity is only just getting started, with massive room for expansion surrounding the facilities.”

“The company now has two massive buildings on the site, providing twice the capacity of its initial large structure,” Dilger reports. “However, with 345 acres of land reserved by Apple, there’s plenty more room to grow.”

Dilger reports, “The site is situated across the highway from existing solar facilities operated by NV Energy, but a reported partnership between the utility, Apple and SunPower will greatly expand the area’s energy output.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple has the wherewithal to become a leader in cloud services. With recent database acquisitions and continued data center builds and expansions, Apple could really put some distance between their platforms and the others. Already, Continuity and Handoff make other platforms seem second-rate at best. Anyone who has a Mac and an iPhone and/or iPad is already so far ahead of the rest of the world. Just wait until we get our Apple Watches!

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  1. The people who just want a BIG HD in the sky will never understand.

    Watch and see how iCloud will evolve to be much more than just a big HD in the sky, Steve Jobs said so!

  2. I doubt Apple will become a leader in cloud services. The top companies only have razor-thin margins and Apple doesn’t roll with that crowd. Apple will most likely only provide cloud services for its own products and users will undoubtedly have to pay a premium for high-quality services.

    1. Depends how you define ‘leader’ after all its a leader in phones but it has nothing to do with quantity that it dominates there. If Apple provides services in the Cloud that are wide ranging but in particular more advanced and useful to its eco system then as long as it all works predictably reliably (the big question) then it would most certainly be a leader in cloud services.

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