New book sheds light on Steve Jobs’ last days

Becoming Steve Jobs, a new biography about the late Apple CEO, sheds new light on his conversations with peers, colleagues and friends during the last weeks and days before he died,” Ben Rooney reports for CNN Money.

“The book, in stores Tuesday, is based on in-depth interviews by authors Brent Schlender and Rick Tetzeli with leaders in the technology and entertainment business and Apple executives who worked closely with Jobs,” Rooney reports. “Jobs passed away a few months after he resigned from Apple in August 2011. He was 56.”

Rooney reports, “John Lasseter, who was chief creative officer at Pixar, the digital animation company that Jobs founded, recalls visiting Jobs for the last time. ‘We talked all about Pixar… And then I kinda looked at him and he said, ‘Yeah I need to get a nap now.’ I got up to go, and then I stopped, and I looked at him and came back. I gave him a big hug, and a kiss, and I said, ‘Thank you. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me.””

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MacDailyNews Take: Did you get your copy/copies today? We did!


  1. Amazon is charging more for the Paperback than for the hard copy.

    Do not purchase thos book from greedy theibing Amazon – they are milking Apple customers.

    1. Best I can tell, the paperback is unavailable in US at this time; the paperback edition is sold third party and ships from Europe. It is very typical for publishers to see how many people will buy the expensive hardcover edition, then sell paperback after that market drops off. Electronic is the way to go!

    2. George Newbern, the Audible reader, is calling OS TEN 👀 OS EX 😱😩😣 instead. Same mistake was made by Dylan Baker reading the Isaacson book. Steve would be rolling over in his grave. You’d think the proof listeners would have corrected him as soon as he read it that way. 😣😔😳😁💥

  2. Amazon is charging more for the Paperback than for the hard copy.

    Do not purchase this book from greedy theiving Amazon – they are milking Apple customers and really don’t deserve the business for this and all their other book selling shenanigans…

  3. John Lasseter had the opportunity to say what I never had the opportunity to say. Thank You, John.

    And Thank You Steve, for all the lives you have touched for the better.

  4. I had a fairly famous old boss in the visual effects animation trade who got sick with cancer but was still, up and around, attempting to finish post production on a project. I visited his studio before I left to Canada on a job and shot some video. But before I left I did the same thing Lasseter did with my old boss and friend and gave him a big hug, something I had never done before, knowing I would never see him alive again. It was kind of a silent acknowledgement.

    This guy was so talented, witty, funny, and so much fun to work for. He died at age 54 in 1999 and is still sorely missed by all of us who knew him. Dying sucks but dying too early is a tragedy.

  5. Waiting to get my credits updated on so I can listen — my way of “reading” these days. A few more days and it will be “Steve” day! So looking forward to it!

    1. Return a book you didn’t like. You can have a credit before you hang up. No questions asked and you have a year on any book. If your not familiar with the warranty read about it on Audible. I like to try different genres and knowing if I don’t like it nothing lost.

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