Why Apple + MLB Advanced Media makes perfect sense

“There’s nothing to say definitively that the two will partner up anytime soon (if at all), but when a well-placed source mentioned to me that a marriage between Apple and MLB Advanced Media was something to consider, it made perfect sense,” Maury Brown writes for Forbes.

“According to the Bloomberg, Apple is going to jump into the ‘skinny bundle’ market offering up a limited slate of 25 channels through Apple TV for about $30 a month,” Brown writes. “In front of everyone’s faces, MLBAM has been part of Apple’s landscape. Whether it was the recent unveiling of the Apple Watch or for iPhone or iPad, MLBAM’s ‘At Bat’ product for watching and tracking baseball games, they’re products have been part of key Apple presentations.”

“But, beyond baseball where 5.7 million fans watch on At Bat, alone, MLBAM has become a key driver of the streaming media landscape as a turnkey solution,” Brown writes. “Whether it is ESPN, CBS March Madness, and more recently HBO Now, the service that will be exclusive to Apple products, MLB Advanced Media has been keenly snuggled up with Apple.”

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MacDailyNews Note: The people running MLBAM get it, as evidenced by, among many other things, the MLB.com At Bat app which we’ve long praised.

More about MLB Advanced Media: www.mlbam.com

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    1. That’s my concern. I want to watch my team, I could give a flip about the others. Waste of money for me. Others might feel differently, but I bet I am in large company here.

  1. MLBAM used Adobe Air – for apps in iOS and flash on the desktop.
    HBO Now ditched years of failed html5 development that didn’t work and switched to MLBAM.

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