Analyst: Apple capable of giving 22,000 Apple Watch demos per hour

“Apple’s relatively nimble retail footprint will play a crucial role in selling Apple Watch. Mark Gurman over at 9to5Mac reported yesterday that Apple is planning on setting up Apple Watch demo areas where 10 customers can receive personalized 15-minute demos,” Neil Cybart writes for Above Avalon.

“It is conceivable that Apple will be able to give 22,000 Apple Watch demos per hour, leading to nearly 180,000 demos a day and over one million demos a week,” Cybart writes. “Of course, school and work patterns during the week will likely result in Apple giving fewer demos than these totals, but the takeaway is Apple’s built-in capacity for giving such a large number of demos. During the entire preview period from April 10th to April 24th, including launch day, Apple may be able to give upwards of two million Apple Watch demos.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: These demos, where people can try on, touch, feel, and try out Apple Watches are going to sell millions of Watches. Apple’s outclassed would-be Watch rivals simply cannot match this experience. Apple has an insurmountable advantage. The Apple Watch wannabes are starting out in a hole and in a hole is where they will stay.

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  1. Even without these demo, Apple will “pre-sell” millions before sales actually begin. With these demos, and the ability to order an Apple Watch right there, there is no excuse to wait until the release date, unless you actually enjoy standing in line. I’ll bet Apple will have more than 10 million Apple Watches “sold” during the pre-order period. These demos also give Apple a better sense of percentages for each watch model (and band) before sales begin, and ramp production appropriately.

    1. I plan to preorder on the 10th, then go to the store later in the day to actually look them over. If I change my mind on which model, I’ll have ample opportunity to change (cancel/reorder) to the model I prefer.

      It’s extremely unlikely Apple will ship my order in the hours between my preorder and my actually viewing them in the store.

  2. How do you stop people from walking (running) out the door when they’re trying on the watch?

    I mean, it’s on their wrist already, and you don’t need a code to activate it (like an iPhone). And will they limit the demo to the Sport? Or can I try on a $10,000 Edition, too?

    Haven’t heard how this is actually going to work…

  3. Seriously, Wall Street does not give enough props for Apple’s retail chain. It’s like it’s always being completely overlooked when it comes to sales. No other consumer tech company even comes close to that type of customer support. Exactly where do consumers get a chance to try on or test Android Wear smartwatches?

    1. Cletus, this is just the kind of inane comments that are totally off mark. Apple won’t make a ‘mood ring’, they’ll make a ring that can tell if you have intestinal parasites from the way you move your hand. Granted, it’s just a screening app that contributes to a study, but better safe than sorry you can schedule an appointment for a more comprehensive test. Why someone might think that the ring could be subsidized by the intestinal parasite medical coalition due to all the money they’ll generate from all those “all clear” happy colonoscopy appointments.

      1. Mister, that’s a great idea and I hope that Mr. Ive and Mr. Cook read this here website so’s they can see your comment and get busy designin’ on that ass tester ring idea of yours.

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