Apple Watch technologies that destroy Android Wear stupidwatches

“After sifting through several articles and reading reviews on how Apple Watch stacks up to Android Wear devices, one thing became abundantly clear: Objective tech journalism, by and large, has left the building (no longer exists),” Mark Reschke writes for T-GAAP.

“Columnists either fear the mighty hand of Google search and ad power, therefore walking a careful tightrope with their reviews, or in an effort to not look like Apple fans, omit Apple Watch features, attempting to make Apple Watch and Google Wear products equal,” Reschke writes. “This has the added benefit of making their review appear fair. It prompted me to lay out where each product has its victories.”

• Size
• Connectivity
• Interface
• Phone Calls
• Audio Messaging

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MacDailyNews Take: As with smartphones, it’s back to the drawing board for Android stupidwatches.


  1. MDN- Why go back to the drawing board when you can just wait for the latest Apple device and simply copy it……litigate for years….and move on…….Judge Koh will take care of it…..ummmmkay!!

  2. New Mobile Computing Paradigm

    Apple has created an unmatched, unique experience. Android SmartWatch makers will never match the quality, craftsmanship, attention to detail, and care taken to produce their SmartWatches that Apple does.

    Android is concerned about the bottom line, how to cut corners, take shortcuts, and produce the cheapest SmartWatch .

    Force touch gives Apple watch owners, a unique, distinct advantage, and ease of use over its Android competition.

    Apple’s line of SmartWatches smokes the competition.

    Apples ecosystem is also unmatched. If you choose an Android SmartWatch, your choosing 2nd best.

    Apple is not reinventing the watch, Apple is reinventing computing. Apple is selling a wrist computer that takes the space formerly reserved for use on a person’s wrist for a watch. It’s home screen is a watch face.

    Calling it a watch gives a person a frame of reference and feeling of familiarity.

    Tethering the iPhone and Apple watch synergistically makes each function better where the sum of the two together is greater than either individually, i.e., 1+1>2.

    Apple is selling to it’s own customers that already love and enjoy Apple products. Established customers will spread the word about the unique experience provided by the Apple watch + iPhone.

    The word-of-mouth about the AW + iPhone experience will be reason enough to cause some people to switch to iPhone, with the intent to later purchase an Apple Watch.
    Apple watch + iPhone, genius.

    All Apple watches have rechargeable batteries that last about three years and can have their batteries replaced.

    The watch will remain useful long after the cpu has been outdated, and software can no longer be updated. An example, a first generation iPad can still run all iOS 5 apps. The screen didn’t just suddenly black-out.
    A Rolex on the other hand is stuck forever with all the functions it originally had, and can never be updated with new functions.

    Pundits and analysts are attempting to compare a watch, to a wrist worn computer, i.e., Rolexes to Apples. The AWE 18 carat elegantly designed gold watch is in a class by itself, as a wrist worn computer, with a time related functions and applications.

    How many watches does Apple been to sell to be deemed successful? Apple recently sold its 700,000,000th iPhone! If only 200,000,000 have an iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, 6, or 6+, that’s a large potential customer base. If 10% of 200,000,000 buy an Apple watch, that’s 20,000,000. And that’s only the present customer base and doesn’t include new Apple iPhone customers.

    Use link below to learn how Apple watches are made, with attention to detail, craftsmanship, and care.


  3. “Objective tech journalism, by and large, has left the building”. How true, along with most other journalism.

    It’s very interesting to know that the Apple Watch uses both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. That explains why he can do some of the things it does. I can see no purpose in a smartphone watch that can’t answer a call. He may write about this tomorrow, I think one of the best advantages of the Apple Watch is that it connects to every phone model that Apple sells now. Android watches only connect to one or two models.

    1. From what I’ve gleaned on various bits here and there of the larger of the models:

      42mm height of the screen (bottom to top, not diagonally), approximately 35.7mm left to right (width) of the screen (the 38mm model is approx. 32.3mm), and approximately 12.6mm depth (holding the watch on the side, from screen to sensor on back).

          1. Nope. You’re incorrect. The measurements I stated above are from people who have handled the actual watch themselves and subsequently made the details available online. Perhaps they made the measurements during the first Apple Watch announcement in September, or perhaps at the follow-up special event last week. Perhaps the details come from developers who have had privileged hands-on dealings with the watches. Do some searching of your own and I think you find the same details. Cheers.

            1. As posted above, I stand corrected re the EXACT dimensions of the case, as they have been released by Apple.

              My point was that the original request by Synth, “Can anyone tell me the exact dimensions of the Apple Watch?” was not satisfied until that time.


  4. AppleWatch will have all those developers behind it and AppleWatch sales numbers will rise fast giving AppleWatch a huge advantage over all those varied Android Wear devices. It won’t be a fair fight at all. AppleWatch might end up becoming the second coming of the iPod. Honestly, Apple has so much in the way of financial resources to build the finest smartwatches by a long-shot. While a company like Pebble is going aroun begging for millions of dollars, Apple has billions of dollars at its disposal to do whatever is necessary to make AppleWatch a success.

    1. Ok, enough already. It’s not AppleWatch, it’s Apple Watch if you’re going to type it out without the logo – the space makes it less pretentious, see?

      And Pebble isn’t begging people for millions of dollars. People are happily giving Pebble millions of dollars because it’s something they want.

      $18 million is a lot of watches. Will that pale in comparison to Apple Watch numbers? For sure, but it’s still a great product.

      You’re trying to rewrite Apple marketing and Pebble Kickstarter history all in one post. Not gonna happen. Sorry.

  5. • Size
    • Connectivity
    • Interface
    • Phone Calls
    • Audio Messaging

    I’m sorry but the elephant in the room is Battery Life under normal ( whatever that turns out to be) use.
    It’s all down to user experience – if a normal email/ message loading for the wearer is achievable without the thing dropping into emergency “time display only” mode during a working day it will likely take off. If it doesn’t, then it will soon be known by those waiting for that information and sales volume will be affected.

    Pebble and other much less ambitious watches have sold because the user experience has been OK – but probably no better than that. Selling tens of millions needs a lot more positive feedback on the internet from early adopters. We also need to understand what all that inter-connectivity does to the battery life of the phone.

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