Mac OS X 10.10.3 Public Beta: All-new Photos app, new emoji, and more

“Apple has released the first public beta of OS X 10.10.3 featuring multicultural emojis, easier logins for Google users that take advantage of two-step verification, and a new Photos app which is set to replace iPhoto and Aperture,” Ryan Matthew Pierson explains for ReadWrite.

“Upon installation, the first thing of note is just how similar the Photos app was in appearance to the iOS app of the same name,” Pierson writes. “Apple’s ongoing strategy to blend the user experience of its mobile operating system (iOS) with its desktop system (OS X) is evident in the app design.”

“Another new feature introduced in the public beta of 10.10.3 is a new set of emoji which include a more diverse set of human characters, flags, and more,” Pierson writes. “Also included in the 10.10.3 update is support for Google two-factor authentication—the security measure that requires you to input a texted passcode as well as your password to get into your Google account.”

Much more info and screenshots in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Have you tried Mac OS X 10.10.3 Public Beta and/or Photos, yet? If so, what do you think?

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  1. 8.1.3. (12B466) appears to have fixed two years and two different iPad mini’s headache of dropping wifi connections. I can’t remember the last time I switched off airplane mode and then rebooted.

    I look forward to a new iPhoto In OSX.

  2. Have mixed feelings about Photos app so far…

    Good #1: Def clean interface and faster, editing features overall nice and consistent with iOS.

    Good #2: Trying out the iCloud photo library with just my laptop and phone and it works as advertised.

    Bad #1: Missing ‘events’ style organization. They seem to want users to use Albums to replace it but it does not allow for sorting by date or alphabetically within the albums as far as i can tell

    Bad #2: Some deeper meta data editing is gone.. no more adding location to material that does not have, no more batch naming of images in a series (ex Florida 2014-1) Also not seeing a way to see photos based on location

    Bad # 3: Not clear how iCloud photo library regulates its use of space on my phone when in optimized mode… Would like to be abel to restrict how large it can get. I am only syncing a few weeks of images, not my huge personal library yet. If it takes up too much room, only option is to turn off that feature on phone.

    BUT this is still Beta and I read they already brought some features back in this version. Hopefully more will be back for final version. Until then I am not switching my huge personal library over to it.

  3. I am missing the “Places” feature in iPhoto. BIG TIME!

    I LOVE being able to save a video clip with slo motion where the slo mo part stays intact after saving it. iPhoto did not do this, it made the whole clip 30fps.

  4. Similar in appearance is all fine and good. But the danger I find is that when apps look similar, but actually have key differences, the net result is added frustration trying to remember which-is-which.

    Have seen this over-and-over already between iOS and Yosemite.
    And the Adobe family of tools too.

    Looking similar is not good enough. Why trick someone, suggest to them they ‘already know how to use it’ — when the similarity may be just skin deep?

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