Apple to move many security guards from contract to full-time employees

“Amid debate about Silicon Valley’s sweeping use of contract workers, Apple will dramatically expand its in-house security team, giving the officers the same benefits as other employees,” Julia Love reports for The Mercury News.

“After a yearlong review, Apple has decided to hire the majority of its day-to-day security staff in the valley as full-time Apple workers, a spokeswoman told this newspaper,” Love reports. “The Cupertino-based company had previously used a contractor to fill the positions. Like other Apple employees, the security guards will be entitled to full health insurance, retirement contributions and leave for new parents, among other benefits.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Congrats to Apple’s security staff!

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    1. Asking as the decision about what is “proper pay” is made between the employer and employee, I agree. If it’s decided by a third party, i.e. You or the government, I disagree.

      1. I also disagree if government would set upper limit of wages.

        However, if the government sets lower limit of the wages, it is great. As otherwise evil companies like Walmart pay almost nothing to their employees, and thus even working full-time they are unable to live above absolute minimum and have to rely on government assistance.

        So what happens is that rich Walmart robs all citizens, steals they money by not paying their employees even tiny bit decent wages. Thanks to bribes to politicians, Walmart lobbies lowering corporate taxes and not setting proper minimum wage limit to privatize profits and socialize the expenses.

        So every time when you hear politicians talking about “libertarian” positions about corporate taxes and minimum wages, remember than in reality they are working for corporations that want to load off their expenses on tax payers on the false pretences.

        Finally, minimum wage increase, according to all credible economic researches, is by far the biggest growth multiplier — because poor people immediately spend all of their money, they go to the companies and cause growth right away.

        In this regard, current de-facto regressive tax scale is absolutely absurd in terms of growth of economy. Poor person has dramatically bigger part of his/her income taken out by all kinds of taxes comparing to richer people.

        1. What communistic drug are you on? You say that “rich Walmart robs all citizens.” It does not. Walmart sells products at very competitive prices to any person who voluntarily desires to buy them. You also decry Walmart’s success. Walmart became rich or successful because millions of persons thought it was in their best interest to buy the products that it sells. You say, “if the government sets lower limit of the wages, it is great.” Great? Really? Wages are prices for labor (service). Should they be determined by the persons involved, or by government rulers? You sound like one of the educated derelict college professors who were poisoned by Marxist lies. Instead of trying to use government power to force other persons to act like you desire, why don’t you start a business and practice what you preach. Don’t tell the rest of us how to live our lives or grab the political club and threaten us with it.

        2. Nothing to do with communism, and you apparently missed whole point: Walmart bribed government to keep minimum wages low so they could pay their full-time workers almost nothing and thus unload the burden on taxpayers since Walmart’s workers have to file for government assistance program.

          This “business practice” has nothing to do with competition and free markets, but a lot to do with corruption and crony capitalism (versus true capitalism). Walmart robs taxpayers.

  1. This is also a move towards better security. A low-paid worker who feels they are undervalued will do substandard work. Costco is a good example; they pay fair wages and benefits, and have a much lower employee theft problem than similar retailers.

  2. That’s awesome! Many years ago, I worked security on campus. Even then, it payed more than the tech support position I was offered.
    Good people, they deserve all the great benefits of working at Apple.

  3. Mr Cook,
    Thankyou for this move. It is a good step in ensuring that all employees are treated the the respect that they deserve, All employees should be given a package of salary and benefits the will take them out of poverty and that the company can afford. There is a point when both sides find balance.

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