Apple releases OS X Yosemite 10.10.3 Public Beta with all-new Photos app

Apple today released OS X Yosemite 10.10.3 Public Beta which includes the new Photos app, and it’s ready for you to test-drive.

Remember to review the guidelines carefully and back up your Mac before installing the update.

Photos is an easy upgrade from iPhoto or Aperture.

Apple looks forward to your feedback so the company can continue to make OS X and Photos even better.

Get started with the OS X Yosemite Public Beta Guide here.


  1. When you open Photos for the first time, it will find your default iPhoto Library, I believe is expected to be found in Pictures. If it cannot find one, I think it asks to locate one.. Though if you have multiple iPhoto Libraries, I cannot recall if you can merely select another one.

  2. Epic failure in editing photos. Both iPhoto and Aperture allowed you to use Photoshop as a secondary photo editing software yet the Mac OS version of Photos does NOT easily allow you to do this.

    The only way I see possible is to export the photo to the desktop… Unbelievable that this feature was let off the share or edit lists. It allows me to share it with Aperture but neither the share or edit allow it to export to Adobe Photoshop…

    Simply amazing…I’m not a fanboy of Adobe but as a graphic designer, its the only professional tool that I use for photo editing. Thanks Apple!! Useless to me w/out it.

    1. Isn’t the whole point of Photos to allow developers to write extensions similar to the iOs version? I am sure that this functionality is coming. Again. Beta.

      1. You are aware that Aperture is also being “replaced” by this Photos app, right? So it’s quite valid to point out a problem a pro has with the new Photos app.

        1. @Mossman
          Photos is certainly NOT a replacement for Aperture…you should correctly say is a replacement for iPhoto and Aperture is being discontinued.

        2. I agree, but that’s the narrative we’ve being fed by various media when Photos was announced, including MDN.

          That’s also why “replaced” was in quotes.

  3. First, Photos does not find my default library, located on an external drive. I had to hold down Option when starting Photos to point it in the right direction.

    Secondly, I’ve had three (!) kernel panics when Photos tries to update the old library.

    Fortunately, I use Aperture for my main photo work—iPhoto only had a load of legacy pics.


      1. Why the hell not? If iPhoto knows where it is, so should Photos. All it has to do it read iPhoto’s plist. It has to convert the library to the new format in any case so why not use iPhoto’s current default?

        It’s supposed to “just work”. It seem curiously remiss of Apple not to use the current default. I’m sure I can’t be the only person on the planet to store it elsewhere.


  4. I’ve got some photobooks saved that I may need to later order a hard copy again. Does anyone know if they will import as is (from iPhoto) into the new photos app? Wondering if I need to order now before photos app takes over iPhoto. Thanks in advance.

    1. To be safe, I suggest that you keep a copy of the latest iPhoto along with your current iPhoto library and photo books. If you have an older Mac, that would be a good place to maintain your old iPhoto library.

      I kept a copy of iDVD and it came in very handy earlier this year.

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