Vogue Paris: Apple Watch is a ‘revolution’

“Apple’s marketing blitzkrieg for the upcoming Apple Watch has made it to the pages of Vogue Paris, with the latest edition of fashion’s holy scripture blessing the new device with a two-page spread that calls the Watch ‘a small revolution’ ready to impress,” Sam Oliver reports for AppleInsider.

“Boding readers ‘welcome to the future,’ the spread discusses the Watch’s importance at post-Steve Jobs Apple and its overt positioning as a fashion accessory,” Oliver reports. “The story — first noticed by French blog PomPomComedy — is bookended by photos of fashion models donning the gold Apple Watch Edition.”

Oliver reports, “Apple has begun to ramp up advertising for the Watch in advance of its expected April release, specifically targeting fashion-conscious buyers.”

Read more and see the photos in the full article here.

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    1. Overconfidence is just as dangerous as the lack of confidence. I’m not too sure the high-end watch market was really in dire need of being technologicized; nor am I convinced that the overt fashion appeal will be as a big hit as Apple thinks it is.

      1. You’re right in one respect – high end watches do not need to be technologicized. A Rolex is a Rolex. However this is something different. This is technology in the form of a high end watch. Subtle but major difference.

      2. I don’t see Apple being overconfident at all – in fact, I see Apple as taking very specific, well-planned steps to introduce the Watch as a fashion accessory that happens to provide great technology, just the opposite of other high-tech watches which promote their technology over the fashion (probably because they look awful).

    1. Yup, it’s funny the change that happens.
      People argue Tech vs. Fashion.
      People argue Creationism vs. Evolution

      but change a simple thing…. you get

      Creationism and Evolution, nothing to say that they are mutually exclusive, just like Creationism (Adam/Eve) and Human Reproduction (Everyone else).

      Similarly Tech and Fashion. Something useful can be fashionable. Wearable computers. To think it all started off with a shoe phone.
      Have a good weekend Derek.

  1. Vogue also hailed Google Glass as the future in a fashion spread littered with what looked like Fembots.

    The lesson here is take Vogue fashion/tech proclamations with a grain of salt.

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