Apple’s focus in Israel: Chip design

“Apple’s CEO Tim Cook was in Israel Thursday to visit the company’s new R&D offices north of Tel Aviv,” Orr Hirschauge reports for The Wall Street Journal. “The offices in Herzlyia, and Apple R&D center in Haifa, in the country’s north, make Israel Apple’s second largest research and development hub outside of the US.”

“What is Apple looking for in Israel? A possible answer lies in the companies it’s already bought: Anobit Technologies Ltd. and PrimeSense Ltd., two microprocessor chip design firms,” Hirschauge reports. “Apple has also hired most of the Israeli employees of a chip-design division that Texas Instruments decided to shut down in 2013 in Ra’anana, some 10 miles north of Tel-Aviv.”

“Heading Apple’s efforts on chip capabilities is Johny Srouji, vice president of hardware technologies at the company,” Hirschauge reports. “Mr. Srouji, an Israeli Arab who grew up in Haifa, joined Apple in 2008. He is accompanying Mr. Cook on his current visit. He is also regarded as the person who led Apple’s expansion in Israel.”

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    1. Israel may be “dangerous”, but then I don’t think you’ve been to Chicago lately, or you might not say that.

      What Apple gets inside Israel is brain power. If Israel becomes truly dangerous or ready to be invaded, I’m sure Apple will establish secondary offices in an affordable place like, say, Greece where property values are moderate.

      Apple needs talent and is doing the right thing.

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