Check out this amazing iPad magician on the ‘Ellen’ show

“Although Apple’s tablet is undeniably one of the best on the market, it can’t bend the fabric of reality — at least, it couldn’t until German magician Simon Pierro got his hands on it,” Jacob Siegal reports for BGR.

Simon Pierro’s formidable magic tricks combine iPads and digital technology, creating a world where the impossible becomes real. For more than a decade on stage and screen, Simon’s critically acclaimed performances have delighted worldwide audiences with their unique blend of all things digital and magical.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “wing thing” for the heads up.]

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    1. Either that was staged (unlikely), or the iPad “fake camera” app is directly connected to a printer built into the frame. There was 30 seconds to print the picture. The frame could have glass which has an LCD opaque layer in the glass that hides what is behind it but I’ve only seen it white.

      Alternatively, it could have been quickly slotted into place from below. There was a small “click” at the time it was transferred.

  1. He was using magic, this made my head dizzy, after watching “The adventures of Merlin, the British TV show”, which was full of magic and now this which compounding more dizziness.
    BTW, AAPL uprises reaching new high this morning at $131.81 gains 1.79%

    1. That Android is cheaper thing has been debunked many times. By the time you sandblast off the ugly OEM logo and laser etch a nice Apple on the back the costs are virtually identical. 😉

  2. The new Marco Tempest.
    I saw a guy do a trick also with his microsoft surface table, he appeared a blue screen of death out of nothing in his windows tablet.
    Also, android has its tricks too, it is very good disappearing the so little money android users have.

  3. There were a couple minor points of concern in the act. But it was brilliantly done. Perfect timing was required as well as what I suspect is a lot of unique programming and setting up of a Wi-Fi print driver activating a specially rigged printer. I’m just too analytical. I know. 😉

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