12 warning signs that Apple is expanding

“New industries, new staff, new roles and a huge investment in clean energy for its European cloud services – put it all together and it seems clear thatApple is expanding,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld.

“Apple’s balance sheet is healthier than ever. Combine iPad and Mac sales and Apple is the biggest PC maker in the industry. Soon its smartphones will deliver desktop class experiences,” Evans writes. “None of these manifestations are miraculous. Each of these steps is planned as the company works to ensure its solutions are at the cutting edge of digital transformation.”

12 warning signs that Apple is expanding:
• Apple Watch
• Apple Pay
• The Beats acquisition
• The Apple/IBM alliance in the enterprise
• The Apple digital health story
• iBeacons and the retail revolution
• Massive investments in clean energy
• Renewed public commitments to human and environmental rights
• Recruitment of experts in battery technologies from Samsung, Tesla…
• Recruitment of experts in in-car telematics
• International recruitment of journalists to help add a human touch to iTunes
• The decision to make both OS X and iOS free, to align the two operating systems in a logical fashion and to offer public betas of each iteration

Much more in the full article here.


  1. They could have easily used the title of the article as:

    Twelve warning signs Apple is doomed

    They could just as easily make the claim Apple is massively losing its focus on core technology and spreading itself too thin. Some see these things as positives, others see them as negatives. At the first sign of slowdown of Apple shares they’ll use this same article and say Apple is taking a pot of stew and throwing it at a wall to see what sticks.

    For a company that says very little, there are an awful lot of outsiders making up for what Apple doesn’t say.

  2. other more important signs of apple expanding:

    — reclusive Ive is giving more interviews and frowning more with stress
    — Eddy Cue is seen hanging out with even more colourful shirts
    — Apple hasn’t lost a significant stupid lawsuit in USA for a while (judges in DOJ etc are thinking : “hey maybe we SHOULDN’T f@ck with them… ” )
    — Car CEOs bashing Apple Car sound like an echo chamber of CEOs from RIM, Palm, Dell, Microsoft etc in past years …
    — Samsung says it’s doing better because it is making more stuff for APPLE (instead of quoting galaxy sales) ….
    — Carl Icahn the predator says he hasn’t sold a single share of apple stock since he bought billions worth in spite of 50% uptick (so he LIKES his cash sitting where it is ) ….

  3. From past articles, I believe that one of the best leading indicators is Apple’s spending on its supply chain contracts. If you see some $B flowing into component delivery contracts, then you can bet that assembled products will flow out the other end with a suitable multiplier on the bottom line.

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