Apple Watch graces its first US magazine cover

“The Apple Watch has made its first appearance on the cover of a U.S. magazine, with a shoot for fitness, health, and style publication Self,” James Vincent reports for The Verge. “The March issue of Self features Victoria’s Secret model Candice Swanepoel as the cover star, with Swanepoel appearing in exercise gear, the Apple Watch Sport on her wrist.”

“So far, the marketing for the Apple Watch has been fairly restrained, but this cover likely marks the beginning of increased activity from Apple’s ad team,” Vincent reports. “Although the device already had its global magazine debut on the cover of Vogue China last year, that particular shoot was focused on fashion and luxury, while this shoot is all about attainable health and fitness.”

Vincent reports, “The Watch itself is even showing the Activity app, Apple’s built in app for tracking movement and calories.”

Candice Swanepoel wearing Apple Watch Sport for the March issue of <em>Self</em> Magazine. (Self)
Candice Swanepoel wearing Apple Watch Sport for the March issue of Self Magazine. (Self)

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    1. Yeah, reminds me of what Jay Morrison first said when he commented on the watch…he called it clunky. Her middle finger looks weird too, as if it was constantly in that position. Gosh who does her hair? Say are those a pair of irings in her ear?

    2. I thnk there will be a lot of people who get the 42 thnking they need the larger screen, when they really should have the 38, for proper proportions on their wrist.

      Apple was very smart not to label them as mens vs womens, or even small vs. large. Its just a few millimeters difference, not for people to get hung up on: get the one that looks better on you. (For this cover, they probably oversized it intentionally.)

  1. If Apple made a round watch it would allow the band to be narrower thus having a thinner look. To me round watches just look more elegant. I’d love to see them make both styles.

      1. Surprised that Johnny Ive gave up so easily. As much as admitted that round watches are more elegant but throws them away because ‘lists are rectangular’. Where’s that problem solving KISS design approach. Everyone oh’s and ah’s over the Moto 360 and it’s all due to being round. A watch is an exposed accessory that needs to be beautiful. Come on Apple.

        1. Jony Ive’s narration intro to the Apple watch talks about the difficulty in valuing the history of chronology. Yet he cops out on the form. Even the sun dial was round!

          1. Ever notice how much easier it is to manipulate the crown on a round watch versus a rectangular watch. Form can follow function and it’s not due to ‘lists being rectangular.

        2. 2 things
          1) the BBC tech correspondent totally crapped out the Moto watch as being too big and fundamentally useless. So not everyone seems to love it.

          2) Form over function. Form for a analogue watch is round, form for a digital watch unless it is just to display a watch face is rectangular. No argument, books forms, TV, Monitors aren’t round for a reason though they could be if you wanted to lessen the user experience, flexibility and legibility. A round watch with limited information to show is feasible as Moto has shown but for a watch that that is or plans to be cutting edge in computability it simply isn’t practical until it at least it becomes almost totally non screen operated. Even Jony Ive can’t defy the basic laws of physics and good designers know when and when not to attempt to defy those basics.

    1. The only reason traditional watches are round is because the gears and spindles that make them work turn in circles. The form followed the function. Apple is making a modern wearable electronics device, and its form is likewise following function. Round may be what your memory tells you is normal for a wrist worn item, but it’s silly to continue with that mindset for wearable computers.

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