Apple meets with Mexican regulators ahead of Apple Watch debut

“Apple Inc. representatives met with Mexican regulators this month ahead of the debut of its smartwatches, indicating that the iPhone maker is stepping up efforts to make the new product available internationally,” Patricia Laya and Tim Higgins report for Bloomberg.

“Five executives from Apple, which hasn’t outlined its plans for an international rollout of the Apple Watch, met with Mexico’s Federal Telecommunications Institute President Gabriel Contreras and other commissioners on Feb. 11 to ‘discuss advances in health-care devices,’ according to an agenda published on the regulator’s website,” Laya and Higgins report. “The Apple executives who met with the Mexican regulators included Afshad Mistri, a global health-care market manager, and Kalinda Raina, a senior manager for global privacy. Mexico is opening its telecommunications market to new entrants as laws passed last year remove barriers on foreign investment and enforce penalties on dominant operators.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” and “David E.” for the heads up.]


  1. Mexico is known as Android country with over 80% marketshare in 2013. Apple only has around 10% in the same time frame. This market is way smaller than the Canadian market where Apple has one of the world’s highest penetrations. Canadians love Apple but Apple lets them get new products and services later than other smaller markets.

    1. Mexicans are very poor, unfortunately. So high share for Android phones there is understandable.

      What is not understandable is how most of Germans fell for overpriced plastic of Samsung devices. Apple gained there recently, but still occupies disproportionally low market share.

    2. Some numbers…
      % smartphone #SmartPhon % IOS share # IOS Users
      vs Population
      Mexico 28% 33 m 10% 3.3 m
      Canada 55% 19 m 34% 6.4 m

      Canadian Total Population = 35 m
      Mexicans middle + higher class around 50 m
      Mexican total Population = 118 m

  2. but most of this androids are free ones, I still see many used with 4.0 or less OS. In my office most staff uses iphone, cleaning people and low wage ones use android free phones, most don’t use the web but social apps. Apple watch market is there. And will be a good one. if not very big.

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