Apple CEO Tim Cook’s address at White House Cybersecurity Summit

“Being the Chief Executive Officer of one of the most looked upon, and wealthiest, technology companies in the world – is no easy feat, especially when it comes down to the subject of security,” Arron Hirst writes for RazorianFly. “In particular, cybersecurity.

Hirst writes, “Apple CEO Tim Cook for this reason delivered a fantastic speech at the White House Cybersecurity and Consumer Protection Summit, recently, that brought to the forefront not only Apple’s stance and policies towards the security of its own online software and services, but also the wider issue of cybersecurity as a whole.”

Cook’s address begin at 2:23:50:

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  1. Maybe Tim Cook can have a sidebar consultation with Sheryl Atkinson and James Rosen and he can advise them on how to secure their homes and computers from being broken into, copied, and spied on by the Obama NSA, which is the greatest threat to our individual freedom. As long as the government (Obama) does not seize regulatory control of the internet, which as presently configured works far better than anything the government regulates, we should be in good shape. That covers things till the end of February, when Obama seizes the internet.

    1. Yet another fool. The NSA has been doing these things long before the current administration was around, dummy. You’ve been fooled into thinking one side of this two-party system is somehow at fault, when the fact is *both* sides have been in control of various parts of this government for a long, long time, through both Democratic and Republican presidential terms. Wake up and smell reality. The problem isn’t “Obama”, it’s your entire government.

          1. izinkdifferent is a “douche”. There is that good enough.

            Give me the names of the journalists Bush illegally wiretapped and whose computers he secretly spied on? Give me the names of the journalists who Bush or Reagan illegally spied on their families, as Obama did with James Rosen.

            You can”t. You are a douche.

            1. Aside from what Derek Currie stated, quite accurately – but since PRISM was established under Bush, you can assume that pretty much everyone was ‘spied’ on.

              Since ECHELON dates back to the 1960s, under all Presidents… well, there you go.

              Not that it makes any difference, seeing as how you, kent, won’t be informing yourself anyway.

      1. Actually, it is pure fact but you are such an uninformed imbecile you have no idea what reality is. All the information is available at your fingertips but then you don’t really want to know what a criminal you elected.

        1. That’s the sad part – you are correct that all the information is at your fingertips, yet here you are, being willfully ignorant and refusing to actually look it up.

          In our day and age, ignorance is a choice – a choice you just revel in.

          Look at my earlier post, pointing out project ECHELON and how it relates to PRISM – and particularly how both programs have been well-known, and approved by Presidents and Congressmen of both parties (Bush prided himself on signing off on PRISM).

          So, I guess, that leaves you as the only uninformed imbecile around here, particularly with your extreme social awkwardness.

          1. Izinkdifferent – no Izinkyouareadouche

            Sheryl Atkinkson has documented how Obama invaded her life and her computer all to keep her from reporting on the truth of his administation. She did not work for Fox, she worked for CBS and had won many journalistic awards. She was a reporter doing what they used to do, before leftist puppets like Brian Williams became the norm.

            Now, give me the names of the journalists who had all their files rifled through and who had their network management intimidated by the White House, as Sheryl Atkinson did. You can’t. You are a pathetic and evil ignoramus who enjoys enabling a Marxist Muslim, which is what we now have in the White House due to morons like you.

            Notice how well the entire world is doing now that Obama has brought peace and tranquility and racial harmony and even ordered the oceans to recede. Two more years of your Democrat bullshit and we won’t have this discussion, mainly because there won’t be freedom to use the internet. So much for free speech.

    2. I don’t think there will be any side bar consultation. Tim Cook did not come out and said that Apple is so concerned about security that it will not do business with governments that violate basic human rights. He’s getting close, he’s getting inside and if he doesn’t get corrupted on the way, he’ll change them from within, or at least watch as the Empire continues to crumble.

      An isolated government cannot seize regulatory control of the internet beyond it’s borders. Within borders, well regulate away the free and civilized world won’t interfere with that, it’s up to the citizens of the United States to decide if they wish to continue to be rammed as they have been for quite some time now.

      The real power is and always has been with the people. If they people decide they wish to have their personal power usurped by a so called government, well then the abomination that is called the obamanation is no more than the will of the people nation.

  2. If Tim Cook does not come out swinging and totally oppose the Obama government takeover of what has been a very good, completely free internet then he does not deserve to be in the leadership position he is in. He will be known instead as a simple Democrat kiss-ass, well below the standard Steve Jobs set.

  3. “The top executives of Google Inc., Yahoo! Inc. and Facebook Inc. won’t attend President Barack Obama’s cybersecurity summit on Friday, at a time when relations between the White House and Silicon Valley have frayed over privacy issues.” (From Bloomberg via DF).

    Heh. I think they didn’t want to attend because Tim Cook/Apple was going to speak. Compared to Apple, what can they say? EVERYTHING they do is about monetising their users’ data and information.

  4. A few quotes from Tim’s speech. I’m hoping Apple release his entire lecture online this week. It is excellent!

    We shouldn’t have to trade our security for the convenience of having all this information at our fingertips.

    …When it comes to the rights of customers and the rights of citizens it’s important to realize we’re all talking about the same people. People have entrusted us with their most precious information. We owe them nothing less than the best protections that we can possibly provide.

    We must get this right. History has shown us that sacrificing our right to privacy can have dire consequences. We still live in a world where all people are not treated equally…

    There are plenty more insightful and important statements in the speech. Of course the entire speech should be heard/read in entirety to understand each statement’s context. I very much find this speech to be FUNDAMENTAL to Apple’s manifesto. Brilliantly done. BRAVO TIM!

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