Apple TV secrets every iOS user should know

“Apple doesn’t seem to pour too much love on the Apple TV, but frequent speculation claims the company has bit plans for the product, potentially including a Netflix-style movie service,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld. “Meanwhile, if you are one of the millions who owns an Apple TV and also uses an iOS device then you may need these tips.”

“If you’ve not begun using the Remote app with your Apple TV then download it immediately,” Evans writes. “One of its best features is when you access Netflix from your Apple TV, when the Remote app gives you a proper keyboard to type in movie titles – much less unwieldy than attempting to type it one letter at a time with the silver remote.”

“Access Apple TV>Settings>General>Remotes and select learning remote,” Evans writes. “Now you can set and map almost any universal remote control to use with your Apple TV. When you choose this option your Apple TV will show icons that represent the six buttons on the Apple remote, and you map these to available keys on your universal remote.”

More tips in the full article here.


  1. Even better than the remote app is a small Bluetooth keyboard. Full typing on the search fields and the arrow keys (along with the enter and escape keys) navigate the rest of the interface handily.

  2. Hadn’t been using my Apple TV much and had forgotten the Remote App. Finally have grown tired of Comcast’s repeats and especially like Inspector Lewis and Endeavor which I play through my iPad using Apple Play. Now I can set aside on more remote. Thanks ….

  3. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!!
    Ios8 completely bricked the remote app, read the reviews on the App Store, it’s garbage now, it only works if your running ios7.1.2 and earlier, which by the way apple made sure we can downgrade back too. My god already. This has got to be the dumbest article I have read this year from obviously the biggest moron on the planet who DOES NOT RESEARCH before publishing his COMPLETE LIES to the Internet, he must be one of those “oh I must kiss apples ass” reporters or whatever he is, I can’t figure it out. Look at the reviews on the app store. Period.

  4. If Apple doesn’t release an SDK for apple TV3 and beyond ATV is dead to the competition period. I’m a loyal Apple user to a point but my ATV 2 and it’s usefulness and the inherent usefulness of ATV 3 just doesn’t warrant staying with Apple for my TV connectivity. Sorry Apple you don’t give me what I need in this arena.

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