Apple CEO Tim Cook to inaugurate new Israeli headquarters next week

“Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple Inc., is planning a visit to Israel next week to inaugurate Apple Israel’s new headquarters in Herzliya, Globes reported Thursday,” The Jerusalem Post reports.

“During the trip, Cook is also expected to meet with former President Shimon Peres, as well as the country’s senior high-tech figures,” The Jerusalem Post reports. “The building, which is 12,500 square meters and will employee 800 employees, will house Apple Israel’s development center as well as the marketing and sales division. ”

Full article here.

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  1. hmm, Apple!
    been Apple fan since 1984.

    but why israel?!
    not that smart a move since:
    1. you can hire worldwide talent in USA + EU
    2. israel has zero natural resources/materials and space, so virtual talent can be moved if only israelis have brains
    3. israel is a volatile place politically, it’s not safe for long-term business, esp. with WWIII possibility with israel at center
    4. israel has the worst War Crime record in the world, the most UN Resolution violations by far, the most child abuse/torture/murder, is a rogue state since inception in 1948, not to mention it imposed itself unto another people/country and has stolen land + committed ethnic cleansing/genocide for 66 years, not WWII 6 years, so worse than…

    as for those who claim most countries commit war crimes it’s bull.
    as for most Western countries, well, they are israel’s allies!
    2015-07 US voted 100% yes in favor of israeli actions against Palestine, though Palestine has neither caused the holocaust nor has an army nor money nor modern weapons and is being oppressed for 66 years, whilst israel destroys Palestinian infrastructure so they have no way to improve.
    Western EU voted neutral, hence guilty for not discouraging israel’s genocide on Palestine.

    see what israeli firms are up to i.e. SodaStream
    one could name more, but not on this site, about tech.

    the point is to Divest away from israel, not join it.
    Apple, being the firm siding with consumers and creativity and spirit and vision and blend science with the arts etc. has no place in israel.

    israel should be sanctioned/boycotted.
    many countries already are.

    if Apple or anyone must tap talent there’s plenty around the globe and at home in usa. since when is it hard to hire someone or import talent? apple can even buy the israeli co. and move it. it’s not as if israelis are smarter/more talented/chosen by God, as if 99% of the world can’t equal or surpass their intelligence.

    so it makes little sense, spiritually, socially, economically, strategically, infrastructure-wise, logistically etc.

  2. What a crock. If Israel is committing a genocide, they’ve done a real bad job of it. The wars they were or are involved were started by the Arabs. Have you forgotten the Palestinians bombing buses and pizza parlors? When Israel goes to war, they let their enemy population knows where the next bombs will land via phone calls and leaflets. Name one other country that conducts war like that.

    You must be an anti Semite or ignorant, UN (that stored rockets in schools for Hamas)-trusting useful idiot.

    1. you do not understand anti-semitism:
      92% of israelis are not the original israelites!

      original israelites are Shemites.
      current day israelis are mostly AshkeNazis

      so whose the racist now? think before you open your biased mouth!

      1. Oh, I think he understands it very well, you anti-semitic troll. The original “israelites” – not counting the long-gone Canaanites – were the Children of Israel, not the Arab invaders who arrived in the 7th century.

        And, by the way, the majority of Israel’s Jews are not “mostly Ashkenazis” (yes, I noticed your anti-Semitic “N”), they are Sephardi and Mizrachi – descended from Jews driven out of Arab and Muslim lands.

    2. the odd thing about not seeing the Palestinian plight as genocide:

      1. intellectualizing the right to kill

      2. dehumanizing life

      3. demonizing races

      4. justifying glorifying war

      5. judging worth

      6. wasting energy on justification vs humane solutions

      political correctness is immoral, evil, as it justifies one-sidedness and Allies/Israeli genocide

    3. you’re funny. always put yourself in other’s shoes before you open your big mouth.

      01. Palestine did not cause holocaust, European Christians created Israel without consent of Palestinians!

      02. Israel was IMPOSED on Palestine

      03. Palestine had to GIVE UP LAND without consent

      04. Palestine got a RAW DEAL a 2nd time, by getting LESS LAND despite a bigger population than Israelis

      05. Palestine raw deal 3: not just less land but LESS FERTILE land

      06. despite UN Partition Plan 1948 Palestinian land was ILLEGALLY diminished/stolen since

      07. Israel is not fighting a War – it’s one sided! 1 sided by Total Disproportion in Collateral Damage / Palestinians are the ONLY PEOPLE on Earth asked to GUARANTEE the SECURITY of their OCCUPIER! While Israel is the ONLY COUNTRY that calls for DEFENSE from its VICTIMS!

      08. Israel hypes the Self-Defense excuse: they’ve never been attacked by an army.

      Palestine never had an ARMY, not in 1947, not since.

      09. Palestinians never even RESISTED/REBELLED in 1947/48, Palestinians were never aggressive even when they had the right to be, since they’re land was invaded!

      10. Israel LIED about what triggered the war: 3 kidnapped kids by + rockets from Hamas

      12. Israel hypes the “RIGHT of RETURN” but what about the Palestinian Right of Return!

      not to mention the Palestinians never left!!

      not to mention 92% of israelis are not the original israelites!

      original israelites are Shemites, current day israelis are mostly AshkeNazis

      if they did not resist and left for being threatened to death, you seriously call that leaving to return!?

      13. Israel hype the “RIGHT to SOVEREIGNTY” but what about the Palestinian Right to it?!

      14. Israel is not becoming, it IS an APARTHEID – if Mandela & American Natives etc. say so!

      15. Israel IS committing War Crimes

      16. Israel IS GENOCIDE

      17. Israel IS the world record holder on UN Violations, 69+!!

  3. it’s called “incremental genocide” you schmuck.
    read israeli! historian Ilan Pappe 2014-07-13

    and you are the biggest anti-semite.
    criticism is NOT racism btw.
    all i am saying is do not belittle israel’s might and agenda and war crimes over humanity, because such Chosen-ess and Entitlement and Political Correctness is incorrect, not factual, not historical, not humane, and incites hatred/terrorism/perpetual war

  4. Some updated info about Cook’s trip:’s-ceo-tim-cooks-trip-to-israel/

    It’s about time. Apple’s presence (beyond the iDigital distributor) only goes back a few years, when they purchased flash memory specialist Anobit. That formed the basis of their first development center, which expanded when they hired dozens of engineers let go by Texas Instruments in Israel. Apple’s office in Haifa is just a few miles from the Technion, Israel’s MIT.

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