Apple is working on VR user interfaces and gaming; looking for Oculus and Leap experts

“Following our discovery that Apple was looking to hire app engineers to build virtual reality experiences, new job listings give us more insight into its interest in building VR gaming experiences and ‘cinematic user interfaces’ for future Apple products,” Jordan Kahn reports for 9to5Mac.

“Apple has several new job listings on its website that give us more details about what it plans for virtual reality including a big focus on gaming. One job listing, for instance, is looking for a Game Engineer with experience in virtual reality and the latest game engines to ‘develop software combining state-of-the-art physics-based world simulation, visuals and Virtual Reality to enable Apple’s development of next-generation product,'” Kahn reports. “Another job listing seeking an app engineer hints again at gaming by requiring someone familiar with development on third-party virtual reality platforms Oculus Rift and Leap Motion.”

Kahn reports, “Update: Apple removed the job listings, but we have screenshots…”

Read more in the full article here.

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    1. On some subjects, since 1980s. Apple has “Advanced Technology Group” which was a-la Xerox PARC research center with all kinds of things developed there.

      When Jobs has returned to Apple, he had to dramatically scale it down, ATG was closed as lacking focus.

      But since then Apple apparently greatly expanded their research in key fields of interests, some of which were never made public.

    2. So if Apple has been working on this for years, why wait until now to tell anyone? It is because Microsoft has been working on Kinect input and hologram display technologies?

      Seems to me that 3D input, visualization, and manufacturing technologies belong in a professional computing system, not a consumer OS. Since Cook is pushing Apple to be more and more consumer focused, I goes without saying that Apple won’t be at the forefront of these new technologies as other more business-oriented firms are.

      1. Not sure about that. HP already announced that home 3D printing is coming soon:

        But nevertheless, it seems your assessment may be correct. Apple is just nowhere to be found in most design studios these days. Most CAD/CAM packages are Windows based. So unless Apple suddenly starts competing hard in engineering markets, it’s hard to see how Apple will be able to take much of a share in the forthcoming 3D printing market.

    3. Mind boggeling as always..( whats goes on in peoples minds??)
      Why the low stars?
      Im just confirming that research and job listings in this area has been going on for years and we can expect something soon!

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