Here’s how Apple could start falling apart

“Apple Inc. is again an investor darling — for good reason,” Therese Poletti reports for MarketWatch.

“But some investors wonder if Apple now has reached its apogee, a point at which the company starts to lose its cutting edge,” Poletti reports. “Already Apple’s outlook for a slower March quarter, which also includes the impact of foreign currency, raises a question about its ability to keep generating rapid, robust sales growth.”

What could sour Apple? Here are three potential threats investors need to watch:
1. Dependence on the iPhone and upgrade cycle
2. The Apple Watch could start slowly — or not at all
3. The iPad is losing its pop

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MacDailyNews Take:
4. If the moon spontaneously combusts


        1. His spelling is the usual stupid western mispronunciation of the original Japanese, looking for laughs and falling flat on his ass in the process. About what I’d expect from an American, specifically a redneck.
          The name he’s looking for is Gojira, or Godzilla according to gaijin.
          (To save you the effort, that means ‘stupid foreigner).

      1. I don’t know, I’ve must of read over several hundred such articles over the past 20 years. Yet time and again Apple proves them totally wrong. Do these guys think Apple is sitting on their hands and are in the game just for the money?

        Apple spends a lot of its cash hoard on R&D. They have some of the most talented creative people working in the industry.

        What is with this obsession to see Apple fail? Without Apple, computing would be stuck in a world of mediocrity with good enough operating systems and applications.

        Apple spends billions on R&D, and than has to watch as other companies just copy and rip off their IP. It’d be a sad day indeed if Apple were to fail. Too many companies and people would suffer their loss in a plethora of ways.

        1. Back in ’97, when Apple truly WAS “beleaguered”, I made pretty much the same observations, and was publicly laughed at. All the same weird insults of being a “fanboy” who “drank the Apple Kool Ade” (I see what you did there… and it’s still not funny guys!), as if my arguments were invalid.

          I can say the only time I’ve been wrong about Apple is when *I* begin to doubt the company’s future. I would have bet against Intel chips, the iPod, the iPhone (if I dig deep enough I believe I made the statement “why in god’s name would Apple mess with cell phones?!”). Such much for MY “fan boy” status!

          Most valuable company in the world, just released an earnings statement that blew expectations out of the water, the best in Apple corporate history (and publicly held company history in general), and yet within days there were “Here’s Why Apple’s STILL Doomed” articles.

          Well, only in the sense that we’re ALL doomed… eventually. 😉

          1. By a strange and spooky coincidence I’m wearing at this exact moment a tee shirt I was given my a mate which has on the front “I was a Mac user when Apple was doomed”
            I wear it with pride.

      1. One thing I have noticed, is that no analysts are saying that competition besting Apple could be there downfall. The only problems anyone can foresee for Apple are internal problems. That is not a bad place to be.

  1. 5. Tim Cook could secretly be the leader of an impending alien invasion. There’s no proof that he is, but also no proof that he ISN’T.
    6. Apple’s cash reserves could be destroyed by a plague of locusts after they mistake it for delicious leaves.

    1. “There’s no proof that he is, but also no proof that he ISN’T.”

      what about that big saucer thing he’s building?

      financial analysts can conjecture a lot more with less….

  2. Oh brother. Isn’t it ever thus people think Apple has reached its “apogee” at every step of their successful progress? They attempt to cast Apple, to their folly, as a regular company and not one Steve Jobs infused. These people are terminally clueless. Unfortunately that tendency to misunderstand the Apple phenomenon effects all us stockholders,

  3. 5. Apple could start eliminating features, dumbing down apps, dropping apps, adding unintuitive features, delivering underpowered Macs, eliminating memory upgrades, forcing everybody into iCloud whether they want it or not, adding fugly interfaces, spending money to advance Tim Cook’s progressive agenda, etc.

    Oh wait!

  4. This is laughable. It’s exactly what we heard a couple years ago, indeed they started to claim it almost as fact back then and similar doom premonitions, apparently spotted in their tea leaves, were made a few years before that and then spotted in their crystal balls before that. I won’t even get into the great 2001 sheep entrails debarcle.

  5. Apple pretty much started falling apart a day after quarterly earnings were announced. That was pretty much the beginning of the end. Anyone could easily tell that Apple’s main weakness was its financial strength. Apple is suffering from the balloon effect. You blow up a balloon enough and poof! it’s all gone.


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