Apple grabbed 93% of mobile industry profits in fourth quarter 2014

“Canaccord Genuity’s Mike Walkley this morning raises his price target on shares of Apple (AAPL) to $145 from $135, writing that his review of market data suggests continued strength for the iPhone 6 upgrade cycle,” Tiernan Ray reports for Barron’s. “Walkley writes that his assessment of vendor data in smartphones suggests, whose shares he rates a Buy, captured 93% of industry profits in Q4.”

We believe the strong iPhone 6 replacement sales should continue during C’15, as we estimate only 15% of the current estimated 404M iPhone installed base has upgraded to the new devices. We also anticipate continued strong share gains for the larger screen iPhones from high-tier Android smartphones during C’15 driving strong growth in the iPhone installed base and model the iPhone installed base growing to 487M subscribers exiting C’15 up 20% Y/Y. Longer term, we anticipate a gradually moderating rate of growth for the installed base from C’16 through C’18 and estimate 650M iPhone users exiting C’18. — Mike Walkley, Canaccord Genuity

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MacDailyNews Take: Everyone not named Apple: Not making it up on volume.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Edward W.” for the heads up.]


  1. Yeah okay, but it is much more important to sell low end crap so you can say, at least once, while you grip the top of your company mast of yet another sinking ‘no margin’ ship, that you achieved ‘your market share goal’! So goeth Nokia, Samsung, HTC et al & the myriad of Michael Blair lookalike hawks who espouse the ‘market share’ doctrine

  2. No Mac news here — actually, there seems to be less and less good news on the Mac front. Apple seems intent to marginalize Mac users.

    MDN, perhaps you need to change your website name. Then you can iAd and iBeacon and iCloud your users to death. After all, that’s the future from Apple.

    1. Mike,
      There’s PLENTY of good news on the Mac front, including right here on MDN. They’ve reported that Mac is continuing to gain market share as sales increase, and that Apple continues to invest heavily in new development for Mac software and hardware.

      1. Mike,
        Apple makes many products these days. I think everyone else realizes that MacDailyNews really means Apple and Related Daily News, and is fine with that.

        But just for you:

        New Mac-based Photoshop rival ‘Affinity Photo’ is now a free beta

        Mac: Photos for OS X will make you forget iPhoto forever

        Apple to refresh MacBook Air with Intel Broadwell chips on February 24th – report

        Apple pushes Adobe Flash update to Mac users following triple zero-day vulnerabilities

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