Apple’s Mac Pro and Final Cut Pro X one year on: What has changed?

“I was very lucky here at to be one of the first to be lent a new Mac Pro back in December 2013. This coincided with the 10.1 release of Final Cut Pro X with its major updates including the new libraries and multicam, retiming & GUI enhancements,” Peter Wiggins writes for “I discovered that on the new Mac Pro, Final Cut Pro X 10.1 screamed.”

“A year on and the same paid broadcast jobs returned, so I thought this was an ideal time to test out the duo again and see what has changed,” Wiggins writes. “A new level of production speed seems to have been created. The traditional areas where other NLEs would bog down in have been removed. Rendering isn’t an issue. You tend to finesse an edit more, more attention to colour correction, stabilisation of shots, fine tweaks that make a visible difference. And all with the confidence of being able to go into a complex edit and change anything without worrying about what happens to the rest of the timeline. Once mastered, the magnetic timeline is an amazing feature.”

Much more in the full article here.

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  1. The Mac Pro is overdue for an upgrade. Especially when the Retina 5K iMac beats out the base Mac Pro. C’mon Apple, Mac Pro’s should be upgraded twice a year at the very least.

    So if the Macbook Air rumors are true, is Thunderbolt dead? Are we going to see USB Type-C connectors on a Mac Pro soon.

    1. Hope to see USB type C connectors on all Macs soon, regardless. There’s still a place for Thunderbolt for high-end work, because the latest USB spec just starting to making their to products are only theoretically as fast as Thunderbolt v1… and TB2 is already available at twice the speed.

  2. Was at the Apple Store Saddle Creek yesterday looking at Macs as my Mac Pro tower is getting old. To say the least, I was not impressed.

    The iMac 5k was pixelating 4k video in the store and it was not even a particularly busy image. The overpriced Mac Mini HTPC DBA the New Mac Pro is just too ridiculous to consider.

    If you do not want a spaghetti bowl of cables Apple has basically thrown you to the curb. I will probably have to repurpose my Mac Pro to a server and buy one of Jony’s closed up fashion Macs as a front end. Sadly most have low grade vampire video cards.

    Please give us a Mac mini with a Quad Core CPU and a decent graphics chip or release a proper tower. I have little interest in the Black Trashcan.

    1. “The iMac 5k was pixelating 4k video in the store”? What the hell does that even mean?

      How is the new Mac Pro and a single Thunderbolt drive enclosure making a “spaghetti bowl of cables?”

      I agree with your sentiment about a quad-core Mini with better graphics, but you sound like you’re going to be unhappy no matter what Apple makes.

      1. There are some people on this forum that still miss their floppy drives and SCSI ports.

        As this article demonstrates, the Mac Pro is a very, very capable pro computer in the hands of a pro, rather than a wannabe.

      2. The 4k streaming Video was blocking or pixelating on the 5k iMac on a fast Internet connection like a cheap Wal-Mart TV does on live action sports. Sounds like the GPU is not up to the job.

        That is what pixelating means.

        If I replace my Mac Pro tower with the “new” Mac Pro, I will have to connect an external drive housing connected by cables and sporting an other power supply, etc. I currently have 6 internal HDs on my Mac Pro internally.

        1. “4k streaming Video was blocking or pixelating on the 5k iMac on a fast Internet connection like a cheap Wal-Mart TV does on live action sports. Sounds like the GPU is not up to the job.”

          Sounds like you don’t understand how video works.

          1. I started working with digital video in the mid 1980’s for the Defense Department. Were you out of Huggies yet? Or were you on a Big Wheel?

            The Video will block or pixelate of the display or the GPU is not up to the job. The pixels did not freeze which would relate to data.

            Good enough for you?

            1. I started working with video almost when you did, so I know plenty about video myself. That you would watch streaming video, see macro blocking, and conclude that the video card isn’t up to the job, or that that “pixels should have been freezing if it’s related to data” is beyond bizarre for somebody who supposedly knows anything about video. Anybody reading this can only conclude you don’t know nearly as much about digital video as you think you do.

              Spend five minutes on YouTube and you’ll see the new Mac Pro is not only fully capable of playing back 4k, but it can play back 4k in Final Cut WITH some effects applied – in realtime.

              As for the whining about cable spaghetti, it makes no sense. A single Thunderbolt drive enclosure can accommodate 2, 4, 6, or 8 drives, and it will only add two cables you don’t have now – Thunderbolt and power.

              An external enclosure is far more convenient and flexible in that you don’t even have to shut the computer down to swap a drive into the enclosure, and you can easily move the drive enclosure to another computer, so the “price” of two extra cables is more than worth it.

              If I needed to work with 4K regularly, a new Mac Pro is the ONLY computer I’d purchase.

  3. Mac pro should be an iconic product for Apple regardless of popular adoption !
    It should show off their technological prowess to the Max!
    It should address Pro needs to Nth degree.
    Not act as a wanabe !

  4. Perhaps Apple could have a Power Mac with external expansion, and a Power Mac Pro tower for maximum expansion and flexibility. All Apple needs to do is break even with this line. I don’t see a huge demand for a line like this. I see a product line like this as an image enhancer. 😀

  5. re: the iMac 5K 27″ retina. I recently watched flawless 4K demo footage shot in Germany on the iMac 5K in FCP X. The source files that were playing were ProRes 4:4:4 and ProRes HQ – all 4K and pristine. I did not see any “pixelation” and the 4K video image was excellent.

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