Where Apple invests its billions

“Apple’s pile of $178 billion in cash and investments is well known,” Matt Krantz reports for USA Today. “But what isn’t as well understood is how the money is invested and in what.”

“Apple’s investments are managed by a subsidiary called Braeburn, which is based in Reno. Little is known about Braeburn itself, other than its physical location,” Krantz reports. “Braeburn is a wholly owned unit of Apple with the prime responsibility to manage the company’s assets, says Gerald Granovsky, senior vice president and analyst at credit-rating firm Moody’s.”

“Apple’s just released regulatory filings show where the company is stashing all its money,” Krantz reports. “Apple’s biggest bet is on debt securities issued by corporations, accounting for $91.8 billion of its total portfolio of $178 billion. U.S. Treasuries are Apple’s second largest holding, reaching 20% of the portfolio or $35.1 billion.”

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  1. Hmmm … Any connection between this info and the fact that the Braeburn Group of analysts have been doing VERY well in predicting AAPL’s profits, as displayed in PED’s roundup of street estimates of Apple’s earnings?

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