Samsung’s Galaxy S6 design looks like another iPhone knockoff

“Samsung’s pursuit of great design could lead to another iPhone clone if these images, purported to be the handset’s new aluminum frame, turn out to be genuine,” Killian Bell reports for Cult of Android.

“The South Korean company appears to have dropped the sharp, straight edges seen on the Galaxy Alpha and the Galaxy Note 4 for a smoother, more rounded design just like that of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus,” Bell reports, “and it looks like the removable back panel is gone, too.”

“If you were to look at the shot of the top and bottom edges of this device below, you might think it was in fact an iPhone prototype Apple gave up on,” Bell reports. “It has small holes for a speaker and microphone drilled into it, integrated antennas, and a headphone jack all along its bottom edge.”

Samsung Galaxy S6 and its dock (Photos:
Samsung Galaxy S6 and its dock (Photos:

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MacDailyNews Take: Drop that knockoff in that toilet where it belongs and go get yourself a real iPhone.


    1. Samsung’s exceptional chip fab capabilities are one reason Apple is killing Android profits. Bravo for both Apple and Samsung for acting rationally and cooperating in one area despite competition in another.

      This openness between competitors means the best phone (in this case Apple’s) is winning.

      1. Also worth pointing out that corporations are not anything like people. Corporations are made up of often very independent groups, some very good, some bad, most mixed.

        Its pointless to try and judge most corporations character as you would a single person. Apple is an exception to that rule due to the high degree of centralizing.

        1. Sorry for the multiple posts – but my point is that Samsung’s phone division is a shameless copiers of Apple, but that doesn’t apply to their fabs business who are state of the art.

    2. Apple can not drop Samsung as supplier at least for political reasons: they have plant in Texas, and it is important for Apple to manufacture as many components as economically feasible in the homeland.

      This is why even though Apple now engages TSMC for Apple A8/X, A7, A6 and future SoCs such as A9 are/will be done by Samsung.

  1. Yep, it was in the yesterday.

    They wrote, “will look a lot like Apple’s iPhone 6”.


    “”It will have a metal build, which will make it look even more like Apple’s latest models.””

    “”Batteries will be embedded”

    “have rounded corners.”

    So, the Korea Times wrote that it will look like an iPhone 6, have a metal case, be rounded, have a non-replaceable battery, etc. Just think about it, they went their own way on design and sales stunk, the tried-and-true method is to just copy Apple. Voila. Did you expect anything else?

    1. If batteries are indeed embedded I am going to throw that into the faces of every “but… removable battery!” Android fan I know, because the premium line of *every* major Android maker would have the same “problem.”

      They might come back with “it’s all Apple’s fault” but that would be a cop-out. Samsung will have *chosen* to no longer differentiate themselves that way.

  2. It’s regrettable that Samsung has chosen imitation as a strategy, in spite of copyright laws. It’s even more regrettable that the U.S. law courts allow Samsung to do this against Apple.

  3. The style of toilet is very suggestive of the only kind of countries that this rip-off will sell in.

    And Lucy: we’re approaching 3 year anniversary of Apple’s jury decision over Samsung – but take your time making Sammy pay up. No rush.

      1. Apparently they have the concept of intellectual property wrong too, seeing as they invest so much money in establishing it only to have bench moss like Koh utterly nullify its value.

  4. My first reaction seeing this prototype from scamscum is you’ve got to be flipping joking! I seem to recall just reading recently expect a bold new design from scamscum on their upcoming S6 as they hired a new designer, I think what the article meant to say was ‘expect a bold new clone of the iPhone 6’.

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